Web design is the process that goes into preparing and building your website both in terms of its look and feel.  The design of your website is an integral component of your business, whether primarily online or brick-and-mortar. The importance of having a well-established and highly professional website has increased exponentially in recent years, due to the prevalence of consumers using the internet to make nearly all buying decisions.  Most consumers actively seek out businesses on the internet at the beginning stages of their buying process.  For this reason, we will talk about why web design is so important and how it can impact your business.

Why Is Web Design Important?

Creates the first impression

The vast majority of consumers actively seek out a business on the internet prior to making a buying decision.  Because of this, they are going to come across your website in the early stages of their research phase.  Your website’s design will create the first impression they have of your business. The first few seconds in which they reach your affordable web design project will dictate whether or not they will cross you off the list entirely or continue researching you as their best buying option.

It boosts your credibility

Prospective customers will look at your website to see whether or not you are a credible business.  A business that has a well-put-together and aesthetically pleasing website is going to garner much greater credibility than one with a website that looks disorganized, lacks in basic information, and is overall unprofessional in its presentation.  Your website, much like your logo, will reflect your brand.  Having a well-designed site will lead to maximizing your credibility throughout the marketplace.  If a prospective customer searches and finds your website, while comparing it to a leading competitor whom they view as more credible, you will lose them as a prospective customer, with little chance of a second glance.

It dictates the user experience

Your web design does much more than provide aesthetics.  Your design will ultimately dictate the end-user experience you are able to provide.  Your website’s design and layout can make or break your website’s performance. If you make it difficult to navigate your website with a poorly optimized design, prospective customers will be forced away from your site onto one of your competitor’s websites.  Your design must emphasize the ease of your user’s experience or you risk losing their business.  This is especially true as it relates to their experience on mobile devices.  After all, more consumers than ever are actively using their favorite mobile devices to browse the web and make purchases [1].  Having a website that is poorly optimized for mobile devices and mobile screens will not only ruin your ability to rank well within the organic search engine results, but it can significantly increase your bounce rate.

It can dictate your rankings

As more and more people are using search engines to begin their buying process than ever before, better web design can directly impact your search engine rankings.  Having a poorly designed website can completely ruin your ability to get your website ranking high within the search engines.  Your design must be highly optimized for traffic to provide a good all-around experience. Further, it needs to offer a pleasing design that offers fast site loading speed and is mobile device-friendly.  Without these factors, your website will suffer when it comes to search engine rankings.  Not being able to rank high enough organically can cost your business a lot more money on paid advertising and marketing than you should.  If you allow your competition to gain this competitive advantage, you risk losing significant market share within your respective marketplace.

Web design can easily dictate consumer perception of your brand within the industry.  At Salterra, our experienced and professional team of web designers and SEO specialists understand the importance of brand recognition, accessibility, and marketability.  Our experts embody the requisite experience needed to offer you highly customized and optimized web design to help your brand and business stand out in the marketplace.  Our reputation for high-quality web design will ensure that your brand and your business’s ability to rank in today’s ultra-competitive landscape will be second to none.

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Web design can dictate consumer perception of your brand within the industry. Because of this, it is extremely important. However, it can impact multiple aspects of your business. As a result, it would be wise to consider hiring a professional company that has the requisite experience needed to offer you highly customized and optimized web design to help your brand and business stand out in the marketplace. High-quality web design can do wonders for your brand and your ability to compete in today’s ultra-competitive landscape.

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