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Looking to fast-track branding, visibility, traffic, phone calls, and sales?  Pay Per Click (PPC) is your answer!

Growing a following on social media can take time, and so can earning rankings via SEO… but PPC offers the instant gratification of a kid in a candy shop.

At Salterra our dedicated PPC managers can help set you up with a PPC and provides you with immediate:

  • Access to your exact target market and ideal customers
  • Measurable and trackable performance
  • Integration with your other marketing channels
  • Insight into data and intelligence to further business objectives

And those are just a few of the key benefits we can help you quickly acquire with PPC.

Benefits of PPC Marketing with Salterra Web Services:

Cost Effective: No more paying for muddled results.  With PPC, you ONLY pay when a user actually clicks and visits your website.

Advanced Targeting & Segmentation: Unlike other marketing channels, with PPC you can create customized ads and funnels for each segment of your audience, tailored specifically to their needs and wants.

Data You Can Count on: With PPC you know exactly which audiences and what keywords drive the most ROI, allowing you to use this newfound intelligence in other marketing channels to boost performance.

#1 Ranking & Visibility (without the wait): Don’t get us wrong, SEO is a solid time-tested and long-term strategy that can yield great rewards… but PPC allows you to “pay to play”, putting your advertising in position #1 without having to wait to earn it through organic SEO ranking and optimization.

Ad Formats That Convert: Unlike standardized “organic” results, Google and other PPC providers allow you to customize and tailor your text ads to improve conversion rates and attract more eyeballs.  You can even implement “click to call” features where users can call you right from the search result.

Increases Brand Visibility & Recognition: Having organic listings is critical, but what if you could monopolize even more market space on Google’s search results?  That’s exactly what PPC allows you to do.  Research shows that it often takes multiple touchpoints and interactions with businesses before a consumer will purchase.  PPC provides you with one more touch point to get the job done right and foster loyal, continuing customer relationships and referrals.

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What We Can Do For You:

At Salterra, our team has a demonstrated track record of driving growth and revenue through PPC for our clients.  Our expert ad optimization, marketing campaign management, and design teams will work together to drive your business’s online presence and performance straight to the top of the charts.

Our PPC Services Include:

  • Ad copy
  • Ad designs
  • Ad optimization
  • ROAS optimization (return on ad spend)
  • Sales funnel setup
  • Performance and analytics tracking
  • And much more…

Give us a call today or drop us a line to have a no-obligation chat with one of our consultants and learn more about how we can help your business propel forward with the best internet marketing strategies.