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Email Marketing

Email marketing… that old thing?!  Sure, email marketing isn’t the new kid on the block, but it’s a time-tested, proven medium to effectively reach and communicate with your audience through a channel that they use daily.  This is especially true in B2B and eCommerce niches.

Last year, over 3 billion internet users worldwide used email on a regular basis.  If you’re wondering what the significance of that number is, it represents over ½ of the entire world’s population.  Fact is, if you’re not leveraging email, you’re missing out on a critical touchpoint.

Email ROI

At Salterra, we know the value of a dollar spent, and work hard to make sure every penny invested in our services results in a solid return for our clients.

Did you know that the average ROI for email outperforms almost every other marketing channel out there?  In fact, in B2B campaigns, every dollar spent on email marketing delivers an average of a 38x return.  Yes, that’s a staggering 3800% return (DMA).

Other Performance Statistics:

  • Email’s average order value is 3x higher than that generated from social media (McKinsey)
  • Emails triggered by user behavior represented around 30% of all E-comm sales in (Experian)

Sustainable and Predictable Performance

In contrast to search engine algorithms and elastic ad costs, email marketing offers a stable, reliable, and predictable marketing channel that Salterra experts can help you leverage to grow your audience, engage current customers and drive sales.

A Preferred Medium – your customers have spoken

According to a Forrester Research study, consumers and businesses are more than twice as likely to opt into an email list than they are to engage with your business across social media platforms.

Further, a survey conducted by Marketing Sherpa (2018) found that 61% of consumers enjoyed receiving advertorial emails weekly, with a shocking 38% that prefer DAILY promotional and informational emails from businesses they have an interest.

A B2B Standard of Communication

When it comes to B2B, nothing beats the gold standard of email as a primary channel of communication.  Studies have shown that as it relates to B2B communication, over 72% of businesses prefer solicitation via email.

The Salterra Difference

An email is a powerful tool.  When used right, email can yield substantial ROI and serve as a tool for both nurturing current customer relationships as well as generating new business.

When employed incorrectly, however, email can harm the reputation of your business and IP.

At Salterra we can help develop and implement a white hat email strategy that:

  • Follows CANSPAM rules and regulations
  • Engages and connects with your audience
  • Builds trust and value through communication
  • Increases traffic, sales, and growth
  • Implements strategic customer segmentation
  • Utilizes behavioral and action-based email triggers (such as cart abandonment)

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