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Quality eCommerce SEO

If you build it, there’s no guarantee anyone will come. Hard truth to swallow, but truth it is. That’s why establishing an SEO strategy early on for your eCommerce store is so critical.

Salterra has helped countless new and established eCommerce sites grow their brand, earn market share and improve visibility while bolstering their bottom line by implementing SEO techniques fine-tuned through extensive testing and implementation.

But not all SEO techniques are built equal, and what works for your standard service site or blog isn’t always applicable (or advisable) for use on your eCommerce site.

At Salterra, our team is highly versed in eCommerce, from platform design and architecture, to siloing, internal link structures and backlinks.

Our Comprehensive eCommerce SEO Plans Include:

Keyword Research: Understanding which keywords and search queries can bring you traffic that actually converts is critical to maximizing budget and performance.

Competitor Research: Why re-invent the wheel testing strategies that “might” work, when there is a whole treasure trove of information at our fingertips from competitors that are successfully earning Google’s attention. We can benchmark what is currently working and apply those techniques to your eCommerce SEO plan.

Site Audit: Our immersive site audit launches a full-scale investigation into the critical elements of your site that impact SEO, including but not limited to: site structure, internal and external link optimization, tags, titles, content optimization, categorization, slugs, error codes, usability and more.

Mobile Optimization: We live in a mobile-first era of Google search. If your site isn’t loading blazing fast and providing an amazing experience on mobile, you’re losing not only rankings, but sales and customers. Research has shown that users expect mobile sites to load as fast if not faster than their desktop counterparts, and that a poor experience on mobile results in that user being 78% less likely to ever visit your site again.

Site Structure: Usability, value and relevancy of content to search queries plays a large role in ranking and optimization. Our team can help structure and link your content in a way that helps Google and users better understand what your content is all about.

Earning Links the Right Way: Not all links are good links. In fact, some can actually decrease rankings and even instigate search penalties. Let us make sure your eCommerce site is attracting the right links from the right sites at the right pace to help your site naturally rise in the SERPS without raising any red flags.

Integrative Approach to Ecommerce SEO

But that’s not all, at Salterra we believe in helping you leverage the power of SEO to improve all aspects of your marketing program, aiding in providing substance and complimentary exposure for all your marketing channels.

Further than that, we integrate social media signals, customer reviews, and other critical trust and relevancy factors to boost performance.

Ready to take the plunge?

Give us a call today. We’d love to learn more about your business and share with you how we can help your eCommerce site outrank and outperform the competition.

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