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Salterra White-label Digital Marketing Agency

Scale your business without stressing about the costs related to hiring, training, and retaining quality employees. Hire our ready-made team to be your resource for promoting your business. We have a team of creative and professional designers and marketing strategists to expand your current offerings and fulfill all of your services under your own brand.

White-label SEO Marketing: Your secret weapon!
Local businesses will hire you for your digital services to promote them, enhance their internet reputation, and promote their products online. However, your company can face its own challenges: How do you scale your business? What if you have lulls in business? How do you prove actual performance?

With our team, you no longer have to worry about any of that. You hire us only for the projects you need, so if you have a slow month; you don’t have to lay-off anyone. We are established as a white-label agency, working with many other companies under their brand. We know how to manage customer expectations and provide quality work. We are U.S. based so there isn’t the added challenge of communication issues, time difference delays, and lack of professional standards. We provide you all the where’s and when’s to relay to your customers.

What is white-label?
A white-label product or service is made by us, but rebranded by your company to make it look like you made it.

What is white-label marketing?
We have the internal staff, marketing experience, and professionalism behind us to promote and grow your clients and all you have to do is manage the project. Our project managers are your main contact so you always know what is going on and can get updates on where the project is to pass along to your clients. They will be impressed at how organized and efficient the communication is. We are an agency that provides marketing services that can be repackaged under your brand. We do not use our logo or name anywhere and your customers won’t know that you hired an outside company to perform. You profit from the project without the time and overhead of having your own staff (and all the headaches that go along with it!) No more managing vacations, sick time off, time-zone delays, or disgruntled staff. Our team has worked together for years, we do not have turnover and are responsive to your communication.

White-label marketing services available for resale:
We are graphic and web designers, we provide content writing, Hosting, and SEO Marketing (Pay-per-click, GMB maps, local citations, Link building, Reputations management, Advanced Keywork/Competitor research, Advanced Schema markup, Penalty/Malware Challenges, and Google Stacks) We know that the foundation to any business is a website, our designers work with our SEO specialists so that we design with marketing in mind to begin with. We know that to have many moving parts and pieces we need to be cohesive. That comes from working together for several years, establishing our own working relationships, procedures, and communication style.

Content Services
It’s always in your client’s best interest to be utilizing the highest return on investment. Your clients should deliver valuable and relatable information to their customers. We know it’s not easy to find good writers; we do not provide spun or machine-generated content. We understand the balance between quality content and relatable informative blogs.

Client Onboarding
We know that the first impression is most important, if you do not currently have an onboarding process, we can help you establish that. We need valuable information in order to start the project, you are the main point of contact with your clients, so gathering information for us is relatively easy, then we work behind the scenes to put it all together for you.

Scale your business by leveraging ours
Your focus will be on finding and closing more deals, not worrying about internal staffing issues such as who called out sick, who is behind on their project. You don’t need to manage our team, or foster good working morale, we are already here and ready to work for you.

We continue to grow and evolve with today’s digital landscape, making sure that we are not resting on yesterday’s technology or processes. As the industry changes, so do we. Our adaptability is our strength. We’ll work with you to manage your client’s website, reviews, marketing, and content. It takes time to build a process to make you more efficient and keep your customers satisfied. The great news is that we have a proven process to help you deliver results and improve transparency with your clients. We know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve been doing this for many years.

Who’s on First?
You don’t have to guess where your project is, we provide that information to you ongoing. You never have to worry if your project has fallen behind. You can pass along the information to your clients with confidence and be their hero. The real time data and analytics you need.

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