About Website Rankings

How do I rank my site? Yes, it’s a tough question if you are new to the game of SEO (search engine optimization), and you should expect more than one good answer. That’s because there are several ways you can reach a higher ranking with your site, although some tactics work better than others. For the most part, affordable SEO experts have fundamental aspects they focus on, then they add additional tactics.

In this article, you are going to learn about those fundamental aspects, as well as where you should go after you get them down.

The Fundamentals of Ranking


The fundamentals start with content. Because as much as things have changed online, especially the criteria with which search engines rate websites, content should remain a high priority. The fact is if you want to reach higher rankings and score points with search engines, focus on your readers. Make the content engaging, interesting, and informative.


Just like the content you post, keywords are incredibly important. More specifically, you need to research which keywords are relevant to your site, popular among users, but don’t have too much competition tied to them. Remember, the keyword is the first thing that will bring a user closer to finding your site, so really put in some effort at finding the right ones.

Site Speed

The internet is all about fast connections and the speed with which your site loads is going to come under the microscope. The average time a user will wait for a page to load is about three seconds. After this, there’s a good chance they will push the back button and find a site that loads faster. Don’t slack where your page loading speed is concerned, and it is one of the first things search engines pick up on.

Organic Link Building

This is an off-site tactic that can be used to incredible effect. Guest blogs give you the opportunity to tap into organic traffic via other sites, but you need to do it right. Just like with keyword stuffing, search engines have brought the hammer down on link building. For example, you need those guest posts to appear on authoritative sites that rank well. This counts as a vote of confidence and can provide a big boost in ranking if you get enough of them.

Site Responsiveness

Another important factor is based on the responsiveness of the site. If your site is going to rank higher, it needs to be able to adapt to different mobile devices. Otherwise, there is no chance of ranking higher, seeing as more than 50% of online users utilize a mobile device of some sort.

The Additionals

The additional elements you can focus on later is mainly found in social media and PPC (pay per click) advertising. Both platforms can be very effective, although you will need to do a little research first. If you want to reach a target market, which is the smart way to spend your marketing budget, research your audience before using these channels.

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