Salterra roofing case study

Digital Success Story of a Texas-based Roofing Company

Today’s digital landscape is not just a platform for businesses to connect with their customers; it’s a competitive battlefield where a compelling online presence can make all the difference. This case study explores how we catapulted a Texas-based roofing company’s online visibility to new heights, ultimately leading to improved lead generation and client engagement.

The Initial Struggles

The roofing company in Texas had been grappling with a lackluster online presence. Their website was outdated and did not reflect the quality of their services. Additionally, their lack of SEO optimization meant they were missing out on potential local clients searching for their services.

Digital Enhancement Strategy

After assessing their digital challenges, we crafted a comprehensive strategy. Our plan involved a complete website overhaul and a robust SEO and content marketing strategy, intending to boost their online visibility and generate high-quality leads.

Website Overhaul

We kickstarted the digital transformation with a complete revamp of the website. The newly designed website boasted a user-friendly layout, high-quality images of their projects, and comprehensive information about their services. Importantly, it was mobile-friendly to cater to the increasing number of users browsing on mobile devices.

SEO and Content Marketing

An SEO strategy tailored to the roofing industry was developed and implemented. Keyword research targeted the terms local homeowners used when looking for roofing services. To complement this, we developed a content marketing strategy involving regularly publishing informative and SEO-rich articles and blog posts.

Social Media Outreach

We recognized the potential of social media as a platform for reaching more local clients. A focused social media strategy was implemented, with regular posts showcasing their roofing projects and providing valuable roofing tips.

Achieving Digital Success

The combination of website redesign targeted SEO, and social media strategies led to an impressive uplift in the company’s online presence. The new website recorded a 60% increase in traffic, significantly improving local search rankings due to SEO efforts. The content marketing strategy brought value to their audience, thereby increasing engagement rates, while their bolstered social media presence expanded their local reach.

This case study exemplifies our commitment to helping businesses in the roofing industry harness the power of the digital space. Through our extensive expertise in web design and strategic digital marketing, we help your business rise above the competition and achieve digital success.

Case Study For A Roofing Company in Texas


  • Multiple websites for different services
  • Multiple small cities
  • No rankings, except for branded terms
  • No reviews
  • Technical issues throughout the main website

Services Performed:

  • Complete rebuild of the website
  • Combine all sub-websites into one
  • Redirect all indexed pages
  • Fix all technical mistakes

An SEO audit is essential to identify and address any technical problems that may impair your website’s online performance. This is what we start with.

After collaborating with your business, we analyze and understand your current SEO strategies. We start with an SEO audit that helps us uncover on-site issues and plan campaigns that can drive the best results. We check the on-site elements of your website along with the website design and speed to enhance your SEO performance and user experience.
Competitor Audit

The Competitor audit will include the following:

  1. Identify the top 5 competitors for the top 10 keywords
  2. Backlink analysis of the top 3 categories for the top 3 keywords
  3. Ranking reports for your competitors
  4. Website reports comparing your site to the top 5 sites

Backlink Audit:

  • Pulling backlinks from numerous sources, including Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and more
  • An SEO Audit is imperative to find and fix technical issues that might be hurting your existing website’s online performance.  As a new client to Salterra, this is the first thing we’ll do to evaluate your web presence.
  • Upon agreeing to collaborate with your business, we make time to analyze and understand your current SEO strategies.  We start with an SEO audit that helps us uncover on-site issues and plan campaigns that can drive the best results to your website.  We check the on-site elements of your website along with the website design and speed to enhance your SEO performance and user experience.
  • Analyzing your backlinks based on factors like age, IP, and authority
  • Analyzing backlinks based on their kinds, such as blogs, comment boxes, social networks, forums, and content links
  • Manual verification of backlinks that measures their relevance
  • Reaching out to external website owners in pursuit of needed changes
  • Reporting backlinks based on numerous recommendations and factors

The comprehensive audit will be equally thorough and efficient, offering you a complete study of your current backlinks to identify both potential and problems. This enables your company to offset the negative by utilizing the positive.

Results after implementation:

  • Traffic increased 115+%
  • New Users increased 116+%
  • Bounce Rate improved 34%
  • Average Page Views increased 46+%
  • Organic Traffic increased 49+%
  • Organic Bounce Rate improved by 11%
  • Pages per session increased 11%
  • Ranking for all service keywords instead of branded