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The Software Development professionals at Salterra Complete Web Services have a wide range of experience, education, and unique skills to develop specialized software for your business. Our combined knowledge in web design and development enables us to create custom options for all industries, affordably. Recognized as a reliable brand name in the industry, we have an excellent record ensuring that we meet our client’s expectations at all times.

Our team creates software that will decrease lengthy and inefficient processes while efficiently optimizing the performance operations of your business. We are committed to applying techniques that are tailored-made to best suit your business, streamline your procedures, and increase your bottom line. Employing a true understanding of web operation, we are uniquely qualified to better track user logs and keep your applications free from any breaches, guaranteeing optimal security. Finally, proper training and employee instruction ensures long-term success well beyond implementation of your new software.

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We offer a vast array of integrations to shopping portals, travel websites, realty portals, home services, and task websites as well as numerous other niche market applications. The characteristics of a successful program are ever-evolving thinking and responsiveness to the fast growing requirements of your consumers. Through our software services we produce reliable systems to closely manage customer relationships. We endeavor to enhance your sales and marketing procedures with your custom software, increasing your overall profitability.

Contact us today to schedule an audit of your software needs. We take pride in delivering flexible services, enabling your company to yield higher return and better efficiency at a lower operating expense.

Software Development Best Practices in 2018

Let’s face it, things aren’t as easy as they used to be online. Not more than a decade ago you could throw up a site and visitors would come in droves. But in today’s hyper-competitive global landscape that simply isn’t the case anymore.

Gone are the days of lazily throwing up a “basic” website and watching the conversions and sales roll in. Modern consumers have developed certain expectations of websites, from performance to design to interactive elements…and if you’re not brining to the table what they want to eat, then you’re going to be missing out.

But despite this trend, the internet is flooded with poorly optimized, barely functional, static pages from the dark ages. This is bad for users, but good for you in that it provides a solid opportunity for savvy business owners to take charge and provide a better experience than their competition.

The Perpetuation of “Bad” Websites

Software Clients

Remember that old saying, “the client is always right,” well, that’s not always the case. As designers and developers we encourage and even NEED client feedback. Guidance from the client helps us to craft designs and messages that are in tune with their brand and value proposition, and develop sites with the functions and navigation the client needs for their business.

But all that aside, its also important to have proper expectations. As a client or business looking to have design or development work done, it’s important to “collaborate” with the design/dev team, not just bark orders at them.

Remember, these guys are the pros. They’ve seen it all, and have real world insight into what actually works, not just what looks pretty or dazzles the senses. Often you have to look beyond the aesthetics and make adjustments that might not look as “pretty”, but will end up increasing conversions, sales, and driving key performance metrics necessary for your business to succeed.

And as long as we’re on the topic of design expectations, we should also address budget. As the client, budget expectations can also play a role in what you get. We’re certainly not advocating paying the highest priced agency for services, but it’s probably not the best idea to go low budget either. Design and development takes time and skill to do right.

Software Developers

Developers aren’t getting off easy either on this one. As a design and development agency ourselves we need to hold our team accountable to making sure we’re doing our very best to provide advice, communicate and collaborate with clients to create websites that both amaze AND perform.

We know we need to deliver and deliver well. Gone are the days of junky static websites. We now need to take a forward thinking, holistic approach that includes aspects such as:

  • Incorporating coding best practices and standards
  • Integrating security measures
  • Optimizing for site speed and performance
  • Making sure the site is responsive and mobile optimized
  • And more…

Closing Thoughts

Developing websites that perform as well as impress is a challenge for both designers and their clients. By working together both sides of the party can collaborate to make sure all expectations are met within budget and in a way that makes sense for their business.

If you’re having doubts about how to proceed, looking to have a new website built, or simply need to “refresh” an old site, give us a call or drop us a line. We’d love to discuss how we can help.

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