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If you are a small business owner in Fountain Hills, Arizona, and you are looking to grow your reach and your audience, then making your website more visible is a good starting point. Fountain Hills SEO services offer a lot of local knowledge, and the kind of higher quality service that you would expect from a local company.

SEO is something that can be done remotely – on-site SEO improvements such as cleaning up your HTML, using semantic metadata, making your site load more quickly, and even making it more mobile friendly, are all things that could be done by an outsourcing company that has employees based anywhere in the world, but the off-site SEO and marketing is a little harder.

Off-site SEO involves link building, article marketing and often content creation. These are all things that tend to work better when the company that is doing them knows your business and the audience you are trying to reach. Internet Marketing is the key to driving traffic to your site.

Imagine that you are, for example, a restaurant that serves locally produced foods, and you want to reach people from all over Fountain Hills. You might want to tie your marketing efforts in with local restaurants and a Fountain Hills SEO Services provider is more likely to have the knowledge required to help with this than a company that is based further away.

Even simple things, like having the option to do site visits, is important. A good SEO company will work with you closely to make sure that they’re attracting the right audience. Site visits can help with this because they can talk to you face to face. They can get to know your brand, your goals and your personality, so that you don’t waste marketing efforts in the wrong areas.

SEO is an ongoing thing. It’s not something that you should try to do for a few weeks then forget about. You will get better results from slow, steady and sustained link building, regular checks for

duplicate content and careful optimization. The biggest leaps will come in the early days. If your website wasn’t mobile friendly then just updating your theme could make you get a lot better rankings almost immediately. For people whose sites are generally sound, however, feeling the impact of link building campaigns might take a bit longer.

When you’re shopping for a local SEO service, be critical – look at the work that people have done for other businesses, and talk to your friends and colleagues. Search for a local SEO company yourself – because after all, a good search marketing firm will be able to rank their own sites well. Don’t just go with the first company to send you some spam. The best companies won’t need to market offline in an aggressive fashion, because their online efforts will speak for themselves. Spammers might use all the right words, and even make some impressive promises, but that doesn’t mean that they can really deliver on them. After all, even Google’s own employees don’t fully understand how the algorithm works.

When you look at Internet marketing today, you will see that it has dramatically changed. There are so many different ways that you can earn money online. When the Internet first started to really take off as a platform for marketing products, it was segregated to two different forms of marketing. There was PPC traffic that you could buy on the many different search engines. There was also search engine optimization. Both of these are still viable ways of generating money from the web, but there are a couple other strategies that actually work better in some cases. Let’s look at how it has changed, and what new strategies are actually exceptional that can help you earn more profits this year.

Social Media Marketing with SEO

When Facebook first came out, it was a website that was primarily used for social communications. People could see status updates on friends and family, and share photos and find people that they had not seen in years. As this progressed, it later became something much more profitable for those that were into Internet marketing. Not only could you place ads just like you could on Google, but you could also build up a following which would be conditioned to read your posts and also purchase products that you are selling. One of the best ways to take advantage of the power of social media is to create viral posts. This is similar to how viral videos are on YouTube, with the exception that they can spread so much faster. By using images and videos, and the advertising on social media websites, you will have no problem getting a substantial amount of traffic.

List Building On Steroids

Once you understand how to create viral advertisements that you can place on Facebook, you will then want to build a list. You are going to do this in two different ways, both of which are based on the activities that you will do on social media platforms. First of all, you are going to set up a ‘like’ campaign on Facebook, building up the people that will follow you. You will also want to do your advertising. This will get your viral videos and images all over Facebook, prompting people to click on the advertisements and share them. Where these people will go will not be to a sales page, but to a squeeze page instead. This is a page where people are given an opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter, prompted by getting access to something for free or a discount coupon. By using the social media advertising strategy to get viral traffic, you cannot the same time build your autoresponder list. It really is that easy to quickly build a list of thousands of people that will not only see your advertisements on their Facebook newsfeed, but they will also receive emails from you after subscribing on your autoresponder.

In conclusion, social media is what has changed Internet marketing for the better. It has made everything so much more interconnected. You are not confined to simply advertising on Google, or trying to rank websites using SEO. You can now create a viral response to what you have to offer using these Facebook advertising and list building strategies.

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