Websites to Generate Leads – Conversion

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The leads you procure through your website will only stick around if your website delivers. This may seem a little overwhelming, but designing a converting website is the most valuable asset in your online business arsenal. Your website should work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and should be an accurate representation of who your business is. Within seconds your visitors will determine if you are able to fulfill their needs.

Here are some of the key elements to add to your site to increase conversions:

Make Contacting You Easier

When you add a contact number or an email ID on front and center on your page, you will show that you are serious and available for them to contact you. The purpose of you being there is to provide a service or product and having a clear way of contacting you shows that you are willing and able to provide for your customer’s needs. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to purchase and not having a way to do so, not to mention how upsetting it is as a business owner to want to lose out on the opportunity.

Use Power Words To Describe Products

It is always good to use words such as feel, get, or even have when you are describing the offer you are providing your users with. These words will help to compel your potential leads to start feeling and wanting to have the product you are giving them. When you use action words in your description, you will be able to give your potential leads the benefits of visualizing the offer.

Have E-mail Subscription Forms On All Pages

You will need to have a lead generation form on each page to ensure that you increase the number of leads you may make through your website. It is always good to ask for less information since people will be hesitant to give out personal details. If your leads answer all your questions, you can go ahead and ask them some more questions to ensure that they are on board, this is another way to qualify your leads and separate the serious ones from the casual inquiry.

Add Testimonials

Testimonials can always be a powerful tool for marketing. They build trust with potential customers, knowing that others have worked with you and have had a great experience. When you add photographs, audios or even videos, you will be able to take the leads to the next level. it is good to have solid testimonials that impact your offer and support it, as well as showing that you have a solid track record of taking care of clients. Include videos where you converse with your user.

Clear Calls to Action

Having a clear prominent call to action is essential to channeling your customer where they ultimately want to go. Having a clear path to finding information and being able to meet the customers’ needs is always the goal for any business. Be clear and upfront on who you are and what you offer and it may be the difference between getting the sale or not.

Provide clear value

The most important way to convert shoppers into customers is to be able to give them what they are shopping for. Fulfilling a need is the reason you started your business and it’s ultimately what people are looking for. Have a product or service that is useful or essential and clearly define what that is and how it can solve your customers’ issue. This way we are matching up your ideal customers with their perfect product.

Consider Desired Result

Finally, you will need to consider what your goal is. You will have to understand what your ideal customer or client is in order to market directly to them. There are hundreds if not thousands of stores that sell widgets; what makes your widget outstanding and desirable? Who is shopping for widgets? and How can we best attract your customers to your website? All are valid questions to explore when determining your goals and strategies.

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