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Protection & Removal of Website Virus

Effectively guarding your website is important. If you have a website, you MUST protect it. Many clients have created their own site only to quickly find it infected and infiltrated by malicious software – if they realize it at all. Hosting companies offer malware prevention tools that can cost hundreds of dollars a year, and many people feel that they have no choice but to pay through the hosting company. In an effort to protect our clients’ businesses, Salterra now offers affordable Malware Protection and Removal. After extensive research, we have devised and created a solution to protect your sites and offer you the best value.

This new product offering will also be included in all of Salterra’s Web Packages.

All Packages Include the following:

  • Malware Clean-up (Start from a clean slate)
  • Malware Prevention Tools
  • Website Monitoring
  • Scan & Clean the Database
  • Monitor File Changes
  • Protect Your Website
  • *20 Websites per account
  • Unlimited Web Pages

Affordable Malware Protection and Removal Pricing

Shared Hosting

  • Up to 20 Sites
  • Monitor Every 4 Hours
  • Blacklist Removal-Infected website blacklists only not spam blacklists
  • This plan is designed exclusively for shared hosting accounts. Select this plan only if your websites are on a shared hosting plan. This covers all the websites on the same hosting account, up to 5. Additional sites on the same account are only $50.00 each.

VPS/Dedicated Server

  • Unlimited Web Sites
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Blacklist Removal- Infected website blacklists and spam blacklists too
  • This plan is designed specifically for VPS’s and dedicated servers. If you’re on a VPS or dedicated server,
    this is the plan you should select.
    The basic plan will NOT cover
    these necessities.

Why Choose Us?

Website security and prevention doesn’t have to be overly complicated – just leave it to us!

When you analyze a website, its application and use, it’s easy to create and implement a security plan – that’s what we do!

Our re-infection rate is something we’re extremely proud of – it’s .047%. Which means 99.953% of the time, sites we clean and protect stay that way. These numbers only represent sites that were originally infected.

Contrary to what others do, we don’t “just run some script” to find and remove website malware.

Our methods are many because our opponents (the cybercriminals) have ever-changing methods to hide their malware.

Our signatures are broad-based and not hash-based. We understand that hackers may add extra spaces throughout their code to evade detection by other programs. There are many other “tricks” hackers use to hide their infectious code – but we find them all. We use signatures as our database can identify 90% of website malware with just this method alone.

Website security and prevention must include website file integrity monitoring!

Every change to your website files is closely examined by our systems. If malicious – it’s automatically cleaned, and we begin our root cause analysis.

File integrity monitoring involves checking your raw website files on a consistent basis – but, first, your files have to be scanned to be certain there isn’t any hidden infectious code anywhere. It starts with KNOWING your files are clean.

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