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Understanding the Role of IFTTT Syndication Networks in SEO

Content Syndication Network (IFTTT)

Let’s get to it.

IFTTT is a short form for “if this, then that.” As it relates to processes, IFTTT can be mapped to trigger one event when another one happens somewhere else. The triggered action can also ignite a chain of conditional reactions in sequence or as additional triggers are activated.

Where can you see IFTTT networks at work? If you’ve ever logged into an account from a new iPhone and got an email to report a new login, you see an IFTTT system at work. When pins for new recipes on Pinterest pop up in your notifications after you ask Alexa for recipes or you see a weather app report on your phone screen, this may also be the result of an IFTTT system. Many of these systems use voice technology like Alexa.

What is so smart about IFTTT networks for your digital marketing? Here’s an example. Say you write a great blog post on your website with an eye-catching featured image on April 4, and you publish that content, which triggers an automatic sequence of actions once posted. The post you just published gets automatically posted to the Facebook status of your company, as well as a Tweet sent out to Twitter about your post. Users on their iOS or Android phones who follow your Twitter or Facebook account may see the notification and view the content.

The user follows the link to read your post, and when they finish, they leave a comment and a photo. The posted comment may trigger events like sending out another notification; other users may also see it and check out the content. And so on, your content may gain more and more traffic more quickly than ever, the very same day!

Conditional Statements (also called Applets)

IFTTT networks work through the use of many other sites or web services associated (sometimes even linked) with your site, and a process through which actions on one end of this association or connection or the other trigger a step on the opposite end (usually several of these types of activities are triggered at once, across multiple internet services or platforms. In the same way, an action associated with your business, brand, or online presence on many different web services or media could trigger a movement on your website).

Conditional statements called “applets” define conditional statements for IFTTT networks. For example, an “applet” could be triggered based on a change within a web service.

Several common applets include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Your RSS feed
  • Weather Underground
  • Amazon Alexa
  • iOS voice assistant
  • And more…

Following this logic, an applet may be designed to send off an email if a user tweets a specific hashtag, or the applet could be used to create and publish a blog post or social media post across various platforms when it hits your RSS feed. That’s the power of the IFTTT applet.

How IFTTT Networks Work with Social Media

You can set up an IFTTT syndication network to trigger several actions automatically whenever a specific action is completed that incorporates social media platforms your business uses and can use all of these areas to draw more traffic to your site.

For example, you could set up an IFTTT syndication network such that a blog post on your website will be automatically posted to Facebook, generate a tweet on Twitter apps, send an e-mail notification message, or generate an Instagram post. This creates many more opportunities for users of those apps to see your content and visit your website to check it out while taking the need for manual intervention out of the process and saving you a lot of time.

Types of IFTTT Syndication Networks

The type of IFTTT syndication network that you use for your business may depend on the direction or path you use to generate traffic to your site through various sources (or applets). Tell us if you need IFTTT help or want a free website audit report.

In general, IFTTT offers two different types of syndication setups:

  • Branded Network
  • Persona Network

A branded network is generally required to use the brand name or person’s name posted across all network (i.e. social or content) accounts.

Persona networks require different keywords to function as the names on the accounts, and often they are used to support the branded network for a tiered effect.

You may start with a branded network, using your main website and brand as the direct center of the network applets. You may additionally create persona networks, or the names of specific people generating content related to your brand with specific actions (or applets) and event instances associated with each persona and then directed back towards your overall brand (this strategy can extend the reach of your branded IFTTT syndication network even further and give it more power).

Need Help Setting Up an IFTTT Syndication Network?

Suppose you are looking for help setting up and using IFTTT networks and are unsure what type will be most beneficial for your business or how to set up the network correctly. In that case, we are here to help with your IFTTT syndication network solutions and building a solid digital marketing strategy, talk to us! We can help you save time and offer you a free website audit report.

IFTTT Syndication Network Benefits

While IFTTT networks have a wide range of utility functions depending on how they are set up, one of the most leveraged uses is for the automatic syndication of content too:

  • Gain greater visibility across the web or app
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Drive targeted traffic to sites
  • Grow your audience
  • Boost sales
  • Earn backlinks
  • Builds an authority presence
  • Ease of use on an Android, iPhone, or mobile device
  • And more…

IFTTT Syndication Network Components

IFTTT syndication networks typically consist of several social and web 2.0 properties you wish to publish, connect, and syndicate various content. You could connect almost any action to an event on any of these properties, to just about any app or service, and across all sorts of devices.

Such properties may include:

  • Blogs
  • Web 2.0s
  • Various social media platforms
  • Semantic hubs
  • Document sharing sites
  • Video sharing sites
  • And more…

An IFTTT network connects these mediums and accounts to automate content syndication across the network without manual intervention. For example, you can use automation to send a notification message about any of these being published or published to several users on any device or phone, like an iPhone. The fact that these can be easily used on a phone screen is a big advantage since users may spend such a large portion of online time through a phone screen or their mobile devices.

IFTTT for SEO and Optimizing your Site for Google

How can an IFTTT syndication network be used to create a more robust SEO campaign for your website and your brand? Our developers have put our SEO and IFTTT insights together to give you a few helpful tips on connecting your website to all the best possible internet platform channels.

Through widely distributing your content, you can accelerate the traffic drawn and trust built for your site through the information you content. You can also use the association between your website and other web services to build credibility, which is also a good SEO strategy.

How to Get the Most out of Your Network

While obvious, one of the most important things you can do to get the most from your syndication network is to create content regularly. Writing content regularly serves several different, important purposes for strengthening your website even beyond being a reason to connect with users through your IFTTT system and tools. You can even write several posts and save them for later, using automation to publish them regularly. Automating tasks and a report when your content is posted enhances this effect even more and will save time!

Have Regular Quality Content Created

The quality of your content and your links matters. Your aim should be to regularly curate unique and valuable/helpful content to your audience that is engaging and interesting. You can write content and set up your network, but you could also pay an internet marketing company to do these things. Hiring the services of developers to help with networks and content like this can be a big advantage.

Regularly generating good quality content to report builds up credibility to your site and draws attention from both internet users and search engines like Google. Using the IFTTT syndication network makes it easy to save time and more widely distribute your content or send notifications about it to enhance this effect greatly.

Using All of your IFTTT Applets and Syndicated Channels

What social media service channels do your brand or company have integrations with? Are there any web services you use or could be using for your brand to reach potential clients? Is your website thoroughly connected to all of these by links?

If you plan on setting up one of these web service networks for your company, consider every possible applet you may be able to use. You could be missing opportunities to support your site and send updates or notifications through an important web channel you could be connected to that you hadn’t thought of.

Advanced IFTTT Techniques that can help:

  • Utilize multiple-tiered networks
  • Build links to your syndicated mediums and channels
  • Implement structured data markup

Getting started with IFTTT

When it comes to IFTTT you can follow any number of DIY guides online to help you get started. However, if you’re not of a technically inclined nature, this might seem like a daunting task. Call us, and we will be glad to help you set up your IFTTT system and link every possible account, advising on how best to use each channel available to you and best to reach the devices of your targeted users or clients.

But have no fear, we’re here to help and save you time. Our team is highly adept at creating customized IFTTT syndication networks for all your business’s needs, and we provide this as a service to help save you time and ensure that your IFTTT system is strong. We offer a free audit for website SEO as well.

We’ve successfully created networks for companies like yours and would love to discuss how we can help your business grow through syndication. Call Salterra for top-rated SEO and website design service, we are happy to help you build a stronger online marketing campaign.

Understanding Your Content Syndication Network (IFTTT)