Since the release of WordPress as an open source content management system, it has morphed and developed to more than just a blogging platform. Unlike other CMSs such as Drupal and Joomla, WordPress has experienced an expansion of its capabilities over the years. This expansion has cascaded to an increase in the number of WordPress users over the years. It is estimated that this CMS powered more than 72 million websites across the world back in 2012, making it the most popular CMS, which is a testament to its effectiveness.

Here are some of the elements that make WordPress more than just a typical blogging platform.

#1. It Can Power A Variety Of Web Properties

The development and incorporation of new capabilities have enabled WordPress to power more complex websites, beyond just traditional and oftentimes rudimentary blogs. You should also note that considerable percentage of the websites reliant on WordPress as CMS are not blogs. The variety of websites that users can create using WordPress is enormous.

Consider this, using WordPress you can create company websites, e-commerce sites, niche social media networks, membership websites, job boards, forms, crowd funding websites, and much more. Thus while WordPress is a blog platform at its core, webmasters can use it for a variety of other purposes.

#2. It Power Search Engine Optimization

The structure and components that make WordPress what it is, also make it inherently easier for search engines (particularly Google) to index and rank. The clear and simplistic structure of WordPress makes it easy for Google to crawl, understand the theme and topics of a particular website, which bodes well with Search Engine Optimization. In this regard, WordPress can be considered as an SEO tool, which is not the case with many other blog platforms.

Additionally, the fact that there are numerous WordPress plugins that function specifically for SEO further cements WordPress as an SEO tool.

#3. It Powers Extensive Customization Of Web Properties

WordPress being an open source content management system has enabled many webmasters to use as their CMS. As such, there has been extensive collaboration and development of WordPress resources, both freemium and premium, which are geared towards enabling extensive customization of resources. Unlike other blogging platforms, WordPress enables users to develop extensive customization of their online properties. In this regard, WordPress is more than just a blogging platform as it enables extensive customization beyond what a typical blog platform does.

#4. It Is Incredibly Easy To Use

With regards to ease of use, few other CSMs compare. WordPress is designed to be inherently easy to use for any person regardless of their level of coding skills. In many regards, one does not need to have any coding skills or experience to use this CMS as the vast majority of customization functions are implemented using drag and drop or click systems. This further distinguishes WordPress as more than just a blogging tool.

In all, although WordPress is considered by many as just a typical blog tool, it is nothing but. Its extensive functions and incredible power have made this CMS more a website development engine rather than a blog platform.

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