What SEO In The Future May Look Like

Perhaps the only thing that is constant with running an online business is the fact that it changes all the time. This is especially true when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO changes very rapidly and often changes in a big way when it does. By paying attention to current trends, however, you can begin to understand what SEO in the future may possibly look like.

Keywords Are Gone

Salterra Web ServicesSince its first release in 2013, the Google Hummingbird update has received multiple revisions. If you’re not familiar with it, basically, it allows the search engine to understand synonyms and overall context rather than exact match keywords.

This has allowed many content creators to be able to rank for numerous keywords when they are only targeting one specifically. It has also allowed websites to rank for multiple keywords that may have previously only ranked for just a few.

In the future, Google is most likely going to continue developing its Hummingbird algorithm so that more and more context is understood rather than having to be clearly explained. For example, in the past, writing content for a keyword such as “keychain” may not have brought in traffic for keywords such as “keyring,” or “key organizer.”

Now, you often find content written for keywords such as these ranking for multiple keywords with the same meanings. In the future, it is very possible that instead of doing keyword research, you may be having to do context research instead.

So, instead of trying to find a keyword that is easier to rank for, you will instead be creating content for overall categories that do not have that much information available on them on the Internet.

Stronger Security

It seems like every day you hear a horror story about someone having their identity stolen online. For this reason, security is now more important than ever before, and having a secure website is becoming more important every day in the eyes of search engines.

Currently, Internet browsers such as Google Chrome show alerts when websites are not completely secure, especially if they contain forms in which you must provide sensitive data such as credit card numbers or email addresses.

Since everyone is becoming more concerned with their security, it is only natural that search engines will be placing more emphasis on security settings and security certificates when it comes to delivering search engine results. It’s probably just a matter of time before unsecured websites will simply be pushed to the bottom of the search results rather than being displayed proudly where they currently are.

Going Mobile

People are busier than ever before, and because of this, they are no longer viewing websites on desktop computers, but instead on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. As more and more people continue this trend, SEO will most likely take a stronger push on having properly mobile optimized website experiences.

Currently, you can receive rewards from search engines such as Google by having mobile-optimized content on site, and most likely, it will be mandatory to provide such content in the future as more people continue using search engines on mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, the changes that are occurring in the world of SEO are happening faster than ever before. With changes such as mobile optimization, new security settings, and less emphasis being placed on keywords, SEO is certainly something that is evolving all the time and should be part of your internet marketing plan..

If you’re trying to get more traffic to your websites by using SEO, then it is more important than ever before to stay up-to-date with the changes that are frequently coming out from search engines.

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