A web design company offers various web design services including, web development, graphics and branding, digital marketing, and Content/SEO. These different services are discussed below.

Web Development

Web development is creating a website that can be accessed through a web browser. This website could be for personal use as a blog or business like an e-commerce store. There are two types of web development, front-end, and back-end development.

The front-end development is developing the part of the website which interacts with the user. This is the part in which the user sees visually and performs various activities like clicking on a button, reading through texts, checking images, filling up forms, and more. Back-end development is developing everything that runs the website that users do not see. It is everything that happens in the background of the website.

An example is what happens when the submit button in a message box is clicked. Your message and all your input details are stored in a database. After saving this information, an action to notify you through email is triggered. And this is just scratching the surface. Many things happen in the background when a button is clicked. All this is the work of back-end development. Agencies that offer web design services usually include web development in their list of services.

Web Graphics and Branding

Web graphics and branding are the creation of graphics for the identity of the website or business. These graphics are used on the website and are also used on various social media platforms of the business. One of the most common graphics is a business logo which is a component of your brand. Branding is essential so customers/clients could identify your business from the rest. This will become your unique identity on the web. An agency that offers web design services often has qualified graphics designers on its team who can also deal with branding.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing promotes your brand on the internet to reach and connect to more clients. Different tools are used to do this on the web, including email, search engines, popular social media platforms, and more. Successful businesses today use digital marketing to reach thousands and even millions of people who are potential clients. This only proves that digital marketing is a key factor in the growth and success of a business.

The good thing about digital marketing is you can personalize it to fit your goals. For example, your marketing could target a certain group of people based on their interests or location. This is a good feature that many businesses enjoy today since it improves your chance of introducing your business to the right people. This results in a better return on investment or ROI.


Most web design services include content writing with search engine optimization or SEO. A website would be empty without content. Most people would continue to visit your website because of valuable content and not just because of the nice website design. Website content today should be informative and should also follow the principles of SEO. This is necessary for your website to rank higher on Google.

The good thing about working with an agency is you don’t have to look anywhere else to do other web design services you might need. If you need additional services aside from web design, you can call us. We would be happy to discuss your web design needs. Call today.

Web Design Agency or Web Design Freelance

If you recently decided to have a website for your business, you might be wondering which is a better option – a web design agency or a web design freelance. Check some of these factors before you get to a conclusion on which one is right for you.

Credibility and Skills

A web design agency has all the tools, software, workforce, and experience to deliver high-quality web design services. An agency invests in tools to complete projects without fail. They are also in the position to provide regular training and seminars to their team to ensure they are well-updated with the current trend in the digital world.

Though we cannot deny that some web design freelance has the skills, their credibility of finishing a web design project, as discussed, is often questionable. This is mainly because they work as a one-person team. Any sudden emergency or changes in their schedule could compromise the completion of your website.

Most web design agencies are established and registered businesses. This assures your money and time are in good hands. Things are different when working with a freelancer. There are instances where the designer suddenly went missing and did not complete the project anymore.

Getting Good Results

At the end of the day, the most important thing when it comes to web design is getting results. A web design agency will have a team of experts who will be in charge of working on your website. Different individuals will take care of various aspects of the project. This ensures that things will be delivered as planned. The team will carefully handle any problem that could come up along the way.

When working with web design freelance, there could be a lot of hindrances to getting good results. Some of these hindrances include the freelancer’s schedule, resources, and skillset. This is why some experience delays in the delivery of the project when working with web design freelance.

After a web design agency completes your website, they will present it to you, and you can use it immediately. When dealing with a web design freelance, there could be issues they failed to discover while working on the project. This could waste precious time getting back and forth every time you find issues on the website.

Web Design Price

There is certainly a difference in the price of web design agencies and web design freelance. You get your money’s worth when you let an agency work on your website. The price they would tell you from the start will most likely be everything you need to pay for.

In working with web design freelance, you might enjoy a low-cost price. But, you could end up paying more for your project when issues arise. Or if the freelancer fails to meet their end of the bargain.

Call us now if you need a professional and reliable web design service for your website. We are ready to start working on your website immediately and ensure you get your money’s worth.

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