Does Using a Website Builder Like Wix Benefit Me?

Many people starting a website often want to do it in the fastest way possible. One of the more popular “do-it-yourself” options these days is Wix, and while it seems like it’s a great option at first, there are a few reasons to stop and consider going with hosting and designing the website before considering it as an option. While this information could be applied to many free website building services, Wix can be used as a straightforward example for why you should reconsider website builder services.

Trapped Data

The above may sound strange, but it’s true in two different ways– one technical, one not so technical.

The first problem of trapped data is that it’s often embedded into the site in a website builder page. When you create a website in a standard Content Management System (CMS) platform (such as WordPress) you– or your web designer– can put your website information in first (titles, pages with information, et cetera) and can work on the design next. Not so with most website builders. You add your data in as part of the actual design process (meaning that your data is locked into a static form on the page), which makes search engine optimization more difficult, and further, makes it impossible to completely change the design later if you wanted to.

This leads to the second problem: your data is embedded in the design. As mentioned above, on a typical CMS, you can save and export that data so you don’t have to put it in again if you change hosting providers, or even the outside design. With builder sites, it’s either gone, or you’re going in and copying every line you wrote on your site, pasting it into a notepad, and moving it. It’s a long, cumbersome process, designed to get you not to leave.

Hidden Costs

Let’s say you create your free site anyway. Of course, you’d like it to have a domain, but you haven’t bought one. They make it easy for you to buy one, and charge for
the ability to do so. The cost is roughly the same as much larger hosting options. If you ever want to move your domain to your own hosting later on, you may have to pay them a fee for that as well. On top of that, to remove their advertising, you simply have to pay even more. And for more features, you pay more on a regular basis. By contrast, when you purchase regular web hosting and install a CMS (or have a professional do it for you), you decide the contractual terms you want to work with. Neither you- nor your data- is owned by someone else when you install your own hosting.


Lastly, and probably the most important, is your search engine optimization. Many times clients have come to us asking us to increase their SEO and help with their advertising, at which point with a web builder, we will have to ask them to replace their website with a self hosted site in order to manage their seo campaign. This is where clients see where the “free” website that they created has not offered them any value. The old adage that nothing is ever truly free holds true. The free site may have helped you with a website, but gaining rankings and being found by search engines has helped the builder site only! Know your backend, we’ve got you covered! Call Salterra for more information.

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