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All About Salterra’s Business Packages

Why Do I Need a All In One Package

We have been asked many times if we offer a affordable business packages that will be a complete package that would encompass everything that a new or startup business would need to hit the ground running. This package is a culmination of several years’ worth of adjusting to find what works for a new business, rebranding an existing company, or establishing a business expansion. Many times a website is an afterthought when a business is working on building its brand, when in essence, all forms of your business identity should be worked on together.

Having a consistent look, brand, and presence in the marketplace is the single most important way to establish your business. Who are you? What do you represent? Why should I come to you for a product or service? All those answers can come from your brand. While your logo may not say all of those words, your images and colors can certainly tell a story and the words flow out from your marketing material. Large brands have sometimes taken years to become established, and their evolution of logo, look, and style has become a part of their story. Your business can start right away with a professional logo, a fully functioning business website, sharp brochures, business cards, and an aggressive marketing campaign that gives consumers the look and feel of a well-established company.

Our goal has always been to offer our clients every advantage we can. Our turn-key packages allow you to focus on starting and working your business while having your print marketing and online marketing needs met. Our convenient pricing removes the guess work and you know upfront what the price will be without adding more onto the growing mountain of start-up expenses.

** ALL packages include 3 months of PAID advertising for immediate lead generating!

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Some of Salterra’s Other Services:

  • Medical Websites with HIPPA Secured Databases
  • Point of Sale (POS) Integration
  • Export/Import Shopping Systems
  • Electronic Catalogs
  • Custom Process Integration
  • Custom Apps
  • Professional Photography (through referral)
  • Multi-site System (franchise/broker model)
  • Custom Themes
  • Special Forms (surveys, question/answer, polls)
  • Custom Plugins
  • Html Conversions
  • Mobile Websites
  • Custom Made Videos
  • Custom Raffle & Ticketing Systems
  • Full Online Auction Service or Custom Build

Contact us today to discuss your needs. We have not found a situation that technology and integration couldn’t improve.

Call Us Today 480-273-2273

Frequently Asked Questions About Packages

You Do. We will send you reminders when the expiration date is approaching. Domain & Hosting runs $150-$200 per year for Shared Hosting.

SSL Certs run about $100 per year.

This basic hosting is good for most websites. We will let you know if your website will need more robust hosting and the costs associated with it.

You Do. After final payment is received you own everything associated with the website