Proposal for Shoes E-Commerce Site


Thank you for reaching out to us for your friends website.

Based on our experience, We are highly confident we can meet or exceed your needs for your friends new business.

As the following pages of our proposal will show, we utilize a wide range of skills to accomplish these goals of a professional website you will be proud of. If you have any questions or concerns about this proposal, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me.


Elisabeth & Terry Samuels
Salterra Web Services

Project Information:

Project NameContact NameContact EmailType of Project
Shoes E-Commerce SiteNew E Commerce Website

Client Requirements

  • Yes, they are taxable
  • Still working on return policy/fees
  • Unsure on number of products exactly at the end. Full collection is the intention. Will start with 20.
  • Will know shipping once we find someone to handle the international logistics, shipping, returns, etc
  • Hosting not needed
  • Graphics not needed. Logo will be provided
  • The website she likes to guide you in an estimate are:

Project Scope Web Development

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Your website begins with a thorough, up-front process of discovery including but not limited to your branding and distinctive voice. An analysis on how your brand is perceived in relation to your target market.

Your project’s success depends on a solid foundation; this work is crucial.


  • Project setup
  • Timeline & milestone setup
  • Business objectives survey
  • Design objectives survey
  • Ideal Customer profile brief
  • Conversion workflow
  • Sitemap

We will create a custom website design based on your branding, colors, functionality requirements, and best usability practices. Your design will be unique to your company and set up for maximum conversion.

Your website will consist of a combination of convention and creativity to make sure that your visitors can find the content they need and inquire about your services. We design and code to the highest of standards and always keep up with industry trends.


  •  A Custom website design concept (based on design conversation and feedback)
  • Reasonable Revisions
  • Templates & interface code for:
    • Homepage
    • Inside pages
    • Standard page elements (headers, paragraphs, images, videos, links, etc)
    •  Form elements
  • Cross-browser testing and mobile responsive

We will create your website with about six to ten (6-10) pages not including products. Content will be created and provided by you unless specified below. Content can range from text, pictures, galleries, PDF/PPT/DOC downloadable files, embedded video, forms, and any element supported by our platform.

CUSTOM MODULES: We will create the following custom modules as part of your website..

  • Create a custom E-Commerce System
  • Forms: contact us, customer feedback, and online reviews; all form data will automatically be collected in your database
  • Blog/News: you will be able to post new content and articles; your blog will include an rss feed, categories, and an archive; comments are optional; your blog will be integrated directly into your website; your blog supports categories, tags, and rss; we will implement syndication networks for additional shareability of blog content
  • Homepage: we will use mobile compatible technology ensuring that you are complaint with the current search requirements.
  • Locations: if requested; we will create a dynamic content database that will serve as location “landing pages”; each location will have the following assets: name, short description, full description (HTML-enabled), primary image, supporting images (up to 10), address with Google Map embed, directions, hours, services (up to 10 checkbox fields), phone number, email contact; we will integrate reviews (that you provide) to promote your reputation, and can link to any existing review platform that you request.


  • Fully functional website
  • Google Analytics install
  • Google Webmaster tools setup
  • Malware security and Protection
  • On Page optimization of titles, descriptions and header tags per Nancy’s Instructions

Before your website goes live we will do a quality control review of each web page to make sure it meets our specifications. Also, we will help you transfer your DNS to point to your new website. Finally, we will provide website maintenance for up to 6 months (not including any major design changes, or content overhaul.)

Included in this initial project will be three (3) trainings that can cover the following topics:

  • Basic website management & blog
  • Custom Modules & Plugins
  • Email Marketing (if requested)
  • Analytics

Each of these trainings will be recorded and presented for future use. Additional screen-cast trainings might be delivered to support specific processes included in your website project. Pre-recorded videos or documentation are provided for review at your convenience.

Pricing for Web Design

Features# of Pages/ProductsTimelineTotal
New Web Site6-10 Pages3 Weeks to 1st Review$
SSL Certificate$
E-Commerce Store w shipping, tax and return systemUp To 30 Products (Template Will Be Provided)$
 Web Options
 Custom Content Written 25.00 per page
 Wholesale / Members Pricing Area $

Additional Options:

Logo Design: $

Social Media Graphics: $ per platform

Flyers: $

Brochures: Varies

Product Labels: Varies

Print Catalog: Varies

About Salterra LLC

Salterra is Terry and Elisabeth SamuelsWe started with humble beginnings. What was once an opportunity to give back to our church has evolved into a full-fledged agency. What? How? It really does sound like a fairytale story. When Terry was recovering from major shoulder surgery, there were only so many games of Call of Duty that he could stand. Getting bored of not being able to do anything, and becoming increasingly restless, an opportunity in our small local church became available. Updating and managing our church website soon turned into a few businesses from our congregation needing help with their own websites. Terry had a computer background from several years ago, so it was a great fit; it was something he could do from home and this is how Salterra was born. When business starting to come in quite steadily, he recruited his first employee; his wife Elisabeth. Armed with a strong customer service background, an art background, and a desire to learn, our company established itself. Over the years, we have taken every opportunity to grow in our industry, learning everything we can to be able to offer our clients the best experience and achievable results. We hired 3 of our 5 kids 2 years after we started in 2010.

We have grown into a competitive and respected business. What started as just the two of us, has grown to encompass web developers, designers, social media professionals, and alliances with some of the top SEO professionals in our field. By aligning ourselves with skill, knowledge and professional talent we are able to leverage our business to provide more for our clients. Our clients have always been the most important part of our business. Many have stayed with us since the beginning, not only are we grateful, but their loyalty speaks volumes to our ability and service. Our team has a metropolitan experience with a small town personality. This adaptability and sophistication gives us the range to interact professionally with all sizes of companies and corporations. Read More

Acceptance of Proposal