Web Design Vs Web Development – What’s The Difference?

A web designer is very different from a web developer. While a designer might be comfortable shifting and changing the aesthetics of the website, they might not be comfortable at all at messing with the mechanics and complex system that controls it. There are very few people that are good at both. Typically, you are either good at web design or web development. Those that are good at both, are highly sought after for good reason. Below, we will be going over some of the differences of both.

While clients typically look at web design and assume that the designer can create a website that operates the way they want it to, it is never that simple. A web designer is typically educated and skilled at crafting the design and layout of the website in question. What they are not usually too experienced in is tweaking the underlining mechanics of the website in question. Thus, if you are going to be creating a new website anytime soon, you will likely need to invest in both a web designer and a web developer equally unless you can find one that is good at both.

Many people assume that the design is the most important aspect. However, one could argue that the web development is just as (if not more) important. While the development itself is not always as important as the design, the role is typically more important as a whole. The designers draw the pictures, whereas the developers implement them into action and do everything behind the scenes that is often not noticed.

Because web design and development agencies usually harp on the design language of a given website, it is usually what is on the forefront of the client’s mind. After all, it is much easier to explain a design to someone that is not technically educated on the intricacies of web development than it is to explain to them the underlying code that is controlling the website. Because it is in the back-end of the website, it is not something that a client ever really sees or fully understands. Thus, it is essential ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ However, it is important to the overall website because it is what essentially controls it. It often takes hours and hours to put the code into place.

Overall, the web design of a website is the aesthetics and how it looks. Whereas, the web development is the inner workings of the website and controls how the website operates and how you interact with it. A designer is good at optimizing your website’s look in order to achieve a specific goal or purpose. Whereas, a developer is good at tweaking the code so your website is capable of performing the way it is intended and doing what you want it to do. Each plays an integral role in the overall website development.

If you are going to be considering hiring someone to handle your website design and development, it would be wise to find a different expert for each goal. If you can find one that is equally capable of performing both tasks, you will be lucky. However, a web design firm like Salterra will be able to handle both of your needs as they typically have experts on staff that can work on all aspects of your website. This is the best and easiest way to really go about things because they have people on staff that already work well together that you can use and hire without having to worry about being able to put it all together.

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