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Web Design Security for Owner and User

Salterra is Professional Web Design AZ, Professional Web Design Arizona, contact Salterra web design company phoenixConsider for a moment that website content needs to meet safety standards on the internet. Hey, there really is an internet police after all?! Run with me on this one… This needs to be met for both the owner of the website and the user. Web design and security, in part, means that website design and content is secure enough not to be tampered with, and content will not be compromised or design destroyed.  For potential users, the website must be accessible and easy to load. The site should not contain harmful content that could possibly be transferred to the user’s computer, as well. (yes, please keep your viruses to yourself)

Careful monitoring of the website’s activity logs will allow checking for users and any abnormalities.  Checking the logs regularly will allow any  incidents of weaknesses to be immediately addressed, and will help maintain a safe site; code and secure content won’t be compromised.

People want a site that loads quickly, gives correct information, and can be reasonably trusted not to harm their equipment and data.  They also don’t want their personal information and usage taken for illicit or questionable purposes.  They don’t want a virus to infiltrate their computer, or to pay for a stranger’s vacation. (Aruba Anyone?!) The website user wants the information they ask for and peace of mind that it is all they will receive. It seems easy enough, right?!

Third party issues should be monitored as well, for diversion of content to other sites (Hey!, thats MY content) and links that are similar in appearance.  The internet is a huge highway shared by the entire world (beep, beep) and web design and security makes for a safe journey as we cruise around. Proper website security will protect both the owner and the user from damages and potential losses. The optimum result is that the owner does not suffer any damages or violate safety of the user, and the user does not compromise the website.

So lets share the road, er… web and all drive, er… browse safely!

Professional Web Design AZ

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Salterra Web Services Specializes in Web Design, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting, Software Development, and Graphics. We also have a division that removes website malware, and maintains virus protection and the removal of malicious software. We founded the company in 2010. We are centrally located in Tempe, Arizona, but we have clients all over the world.

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