Top SEO Pointers for 2021 Digital Marketing

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Best SEO Pointers for Successful Digital Marketing

SEO has seen some impressive evolutions in 2022 alone and the next year promises greater challenges as well as opportunities for your digital marketing campaigns. Of course, constant change and adaptation are the very nature of SEO and there are great benefits in store for those who can anticipate the challenges to come across the 2022 SEO frontier.

With this in mind, we would like to provide our dear readers with some highly valuable information and insights on preparing SEO campaigns in 2021. With barely over a month remaining in the year, now is the time to begin preparations for a smashing success with SEO in 2022.

Following are some of the pointers we recommend you watch out for as you begin planning your SEO Campaigns in 2022.

1. Consider Google Page Experience Update

Google made a particularly monumental change when they applied Page Experience Update which aims to provide users with even better results. What this essentially means is that the user experience of your pages will be a critical factor in SEO rankings in 2022.

Google’s Page Experience Update targets the quality and efficacy of web pages and leaves little room for sloppy work and poor-quality links. Based on Core Web Vitals, the Page Experience Update will consider things like the speed of the page, interactivity, good organization, and overall user experience. The better the functionality of the web page, the more likely it will receive higher ranks in the search results.

What does Google Page Experience Update mean to you?

User experience and website functionality are essential for future progress. This means your web pages should all load quickly and promptly without unexpected changes in the layout as the webpage is loading. Excellence in your website’s UX (User Experience) will greatly decrease the bounce rate of your page and this will be another essential factor in boosting your online exposure.

If you haven’t recently, this would be a great time to schedule a thorough SEO audit to ensure there are no loose ends that can cost you rankings and profits.

2. Building Authority – Remember your E.A.T.

Google has set forth three important factors that anyone hoping to gain favor with the search engine giant should consider. These factors are E.A.T. Expertise, Authority, and Trust and are the metrics Google uses to establish the trust users can place in a site and its content.

The very best UX comes from sites that have gained the trust of their users and therefore the only type of website that Google wants to promote. This will require content that is reliable, factual, and written by a professional in their field, typically with certification and qualifications that support their expertise.

What does E.A.T. mean to you?

Google is looking for the highest standards in content presented to its users. If your content is anything less than relevant and verifiable information, Google will catch on and the consequences can be relegation to obscurity on page 3000 of the SERPs.

You can plan to avoid such a catastrophe by making sure that the content you are applying to your site is of the highest quality. Unproven data can seem incongruent with established data and can jeopardize your capacity to maintain a loyal following of users. If your data seems inconsistent you can bet that soon your users and the Google search engines will stop paying any attention.

So make sure to establish yourself well as an authority in your niche. This is what the “about” page is good for as you can showcase your expertise and achievements in your subject matter.

Another good way to establish this authority will be to frequently share your perspective and expertise on other websites that are not your own. The positive feedback and links back to your main site will be a strong message of your valuable data and capacity for E.A.T.

3. Optimize for Voice Search

True, voice recognition technology and voice search have been on the cutting edge of SEO practices for some time now. But, voice search will be even more important as we enter the New Year and has only skyrocketed since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Google has adapted many of its search results to include concise and valuable answers to these even-increasing voice search queries.

How can you prepare for Voice Search in SEO for 2022?

Take the time to look over the content you have and look for ways to make this more compatible with a voice search. Look over the most common questions you believe your target audience will be asking. You will probably need to do some keyword research to hone in on the most valuable questions. Then provide precise and conversational answers. Your answers will have to be short and full of valuable information.

This is where the help of a qualified SEO agency in your local area can help you out by planning questions that will be most relevant. Consider answering what, who, when, why, and where. Then use tools and expert practices to find out where your answers are showing up and to whom.

4. Bolster Local SEO in 2022

According to the statistics held by Safari Digital, just under half (46%) of all Google searches are made with local intent. In a world where it can seem hard to compete with larger global conglomerates, local SEO offers smaller local businesses special advantages in reaching the local markets, making this an indispensable tool for those businesses with a physical location.

While local SEO has been offered for quite a while, there are still many businesses that are not taking full advantage. Here are a few things you should consider when seeking to bolster your own local SEO if you have not done so already.

How to Begin your Local SEO Campaign in 2022

It will begin with claiming your Google Business page as this will form your foundation for local SEO. The next step will be to claim as many other spots and citations as you can. Make sure your business is posted in a variety of online directories. Yelp! is a great example but you will want to focus especially on those with prominence in your area. Social media will be a great way to begin, but don’t stop there.

Next, make your online presence as locally-minded as possible by creating links to your town and community. The more mentions and positive comments from local businesses and communities, the better chance you will have of making a connection with your local customer pool. Make sure you are doing all you can to get involved with community projects, social events, and prominent members of your community, especially in regard to the business you own.

Final Notes on How You Can Prepare for SEO Changes in 2022

Take the time to learn plenty about the audience you will be reaching. This information will allow you to design content that answers the needs and questions they have most easily. If you will be engaging guest authors and professional content creators, be sure that their bios are made available on your website.

Keeping your website flowing with top-quality content is essential for attracting your audience, but only expert information from reliable sources will allow you to maintain your status. This will also lead others in your niche to gravitate toward you and your website and can result in shared content and company messages. Finally, make sure your content is designed to answer important questions and reach your local area. This way you will gain a strong footing and firm foundation to withstand the many changes we can expect in SEO 2021.

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