If you are running a business, you need affordable SEO services. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is critical for any business trying to get people to land on their website to view their services or products. Nearly 93 percent of all web traffic is the result of search engines. It doesn’t matter what business you have; investing in SEO efforts is always an excellent investment. In many cases, an in-house SEO doesn’t make sense. However, you will find that an affordable SEO near you is a valuable service.

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What will SEO do for your website?

An affordable SEO Company will do wonders for your website and get potential clients to land on your page.

Keywords are ideas and subjects defining the subject matter of your content, products, or services. People type words and phrases into search engines, often known as “search queries” in SEO. These are your significant keywords if you reduce everything on your page — all the photos, video, writing, and so on — to essential words and phrases.

As a business owner, website owner, or content producer, you want the keywords on your page to be relevant to what people are looking for so they can find your content more easily among the results.

On-Page Optimization:  Once the target keywords are identified, it’s time to start working on the content. In the past, you would flood your content with your keywords. However, good SEOs know that content relevance is better for ranking your site. The main elements for on-page content include URL; Meta Description; Meta Title; Body Content, and Header Headings.

Site Organization:  You want your website to be well organized. It is essential for the search engines as well as the users. You want your page to have navigation links at the top of all pages with text links mixed into the content so your users can navigate your site. You want the links to be strategically placed, and the content must be straightforward.

All of this can be confusing and overwhelming, leaving you wondering where to start. Start by reaching out to an affordable SEO company such as Salterra. We know precisely how to create a website and provide the content to get potential clients or users to visit your page.

5 Ways To Waste Your Time (and Money) with Bad SEO


The Internet’s full of articles offering advice on SEO, what Google wants, and how to get the most of your Internet marketing efforts. But what about the other side of it? What if you want to be a contrarian? What if you want to retrograde your SEO tactics for…reasons?

If you’re tired of getting great results and want to know how to waste your time and money with your SEO efforts, then read where we’re going to link build like it’s 2001!

#1: Go Back To Comment Spamming!

Many blogs and websites have stopped including a comment section…but not all of them! There are still plenty of noobs who don’t disable comments, and now is the time to run through and link your name.

Sure, the links are no-follow, and Google hasn’t given credence to comment links in many years, but we have some time and money to waste on lousy SEO here, and mass blog commenting can do it!

#2: Article Directories Are Still A Thing, Right?

Ezinearticles is still around and…and…I’m sure there are others. Article directories worked back in 2010. Why not go retro and spend time writing articles no one will ever read with links that no one will ever follow?

What could go wrong?

#3: Create Dozens of Blogspot and Blogs

It’s like your own private PBN of free websites. Throw up a bunch of thin content, link back to your site, and boom – a bunch of backlinks. You don’t even have to pay for hosting.

Who cares if these types of blogs aren’t highly ranked anymore? They’re links, right? Going old school: quantity over quality. I’m sure it’ll work to do something.

#4: Directory Submissions Are Still a Thing, Right?

There are all kinds of directories out there. Some check entries, but many don’t. Who cares if one page has 800 outgoing links? You still probably get some link juice out of it, right? Sure, Google doesn’t like blatant link-building, but I’m sure this doesn’t count!

As soon as you hammer out those article directory submissions and blog comments, time to go directory hunting! I’m sure some aren’t too spammy.

#5: Keyword Anchor Text It All!

If one direct keyword anchor text is good, ten are better! To rank for a keyword, make all the backlinks keyword anchored with the exact text. Surely that will make it type faster! Your site will be the one that avoids Google’s penalty for this – I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Just fine.

In Conclusion

If you want to waste your time and money on old-school SEO tactics that will get your website slapped back to the Stone Age, you’ve come to the right place! Follow this advice, and your site will be going places…just not to the top of Google’s rankings!

So if you want to waste a lot of money and time on SEO, go back to promoting your website like it’s 1999!

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