Regarding Technical SEO In 2017

In this article, we will talk about some of the most common SEO (search engine optimization) methods used to improve your rank within the search engines. SEO has changed some over the last few years. In the past, SEO was more about keyword density and placement. These days, Google, in particular, has moved more towards the user’s experience. This means that by improving the user’s experience on your site Google will reward you with a higher rank. This ends up in more organic traffic from this search engine. And of course, more traffic means more revenue and that’s the name of the game when it comes to running a successful website.

Salterra Web Services There are two main types of SEO techniques. The first is called White Hat SEO. These are the techniques that are designed with following the guidelines in mind. White Hat SEO techniques are categorized as being the only ethical techniques to use.

The first most common White Hat SEO technique is using the proper keyword placement. This means finding a good focus keyword and placing it in the SEO title, meta description, and the article as well. This will help the crawlers to index all of your content.

The next thing you can do is to create good permalinks for your web pages that contain your focus keyword as well. The permalink is the link that the user sees in the search bar when they are on your website.

Next comes media. This is one of the most important White Hat SEO techniques we will talk about today. By creating rich media you can ensure that the user gets the most out of your content as is possible. This can be achieved by adding alternative text to any and all media that you use. This helps both the crawlers and users to better understand what the media is all about. After this, you want to ensure that each piece of media has good links that lead either to your other related content or something else that will help them.

The next type of SEO is called Black Hat SEO. This is made of methods that are referred to as the techniques that are unethical. They create a negative user experience and have hefty penalties attached to them when used.

The first way we see individuals using these techniques is referred to as “cloaking.” This is the act of hiding pages behind links that are untrue. What this means is when a user sees a page that they want to visit and click on they get taken to a different page than the one they wanted.

There is also redirection, which is another common Black Hat SEO technique. This is when the creator makes a link that will receive a lot of traffic because they redirect the viewers to a completely unrelated page. This makes for a very negative user experience.

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Another Black Hat SEO technique is “keyword stuffing.” This is the act of overloading the website or web page with the focus keyword. This is a way of getting placed higher in the search results. The crawler sees this and ranks the page higher for a short period of time.

In conclusion, we only suggest using White Hat SEO techniques. Black Hat SEO was designed only to create a quick turnaround and generate fast traffic that dies out quickly. White Hat SEO takes a little time to see the increase of internet traffic but lacks the risk of penalization. With proper time and effort put into your website and the content you post, you will surely see positive results with your SEO in 2017.

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