Here’s the Recipe for Affordable Web Design in 2020

In this time and age where consumers are tech-savvy, it is imperative to own an impressive business website.

A website that has a clean interface and offers seamless user experience on all devices attracts customers in no time. It helps in building positive brand image and achieving SEO benefits to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

If you are a budding startup or a mid-size business looking forward to investing in high-quality and affordable web design in 2020, we are here to help! We have jotted down some key points that you should consider to build a customer-centric and stunning website. Have a read and know the secret sauce to great web design –

  1. Website’s Aesthetic Value

Web design is more or less linked to the appearance of your website. Its interface plays a crucial role in attracting the preferred audience to your business and shaping a positive brand image.

The look of your website is the first impression that you create in the minds of your customers. You might find some websites dated back to the ‘90s that follow a different pattern, while the newer ones usually focus on making it sleeker and easier for the users. However, apart from the design, you should also ensure that the website is updated to match the current industry trends.

Modern designs include responsive design, parallax scrolling, big fonts, multimedia, and info-graphics that improve user experience. Ensure sticking with the latest trends to drive maximum benefit.

  1. Website Clarity

In addition to website appearance, the other thing a user looks for is the clarity of your website.

The user wants to look for the information as quickly as possible and to ensure this, you have to improve your website navigation. Familiar designs and navigation’s can allow users to find the information they want quickly.

Navigation is generally of two types, viz. breadcrumb and drop down menu.

Breadcrumb navigation refers to the type of menu bar selection in which new selection adds up to the previous page so that the user can switch between the two pages quickly.

A drop down menu lets the user go through the menu title and have a look at the menu categories they wish to select.

However, you utilize both of the navigation’s, which can allow your users to go through the menu with the aid of drop down menu while going back to the previous page with the help of breadcrumb navigation.

  1. Website Load Time

Website load time refers to the time required by your website to load.

We all are aware of the frustration a slow website can bring. No one wants to look at the screens of their device and wait for the website pages to load. The users want to access websites that load in a blink of an eye as well as utilize minimal data.

To design a user-friendly website, you need to pay attention to some important aspects that are proven to slow down the performance of the website.

You can reduce the website load time by optimizing image sizes, removing auto-play media, and use white spaces. You can optimize images by selecting the .jpg format for images. This way, you can ensure image quality while minimizing the size of the file. Moreover, auto-play content can take a lot of time for your website load, so not stick with any auto-play content to own a fast-loading website.

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