How Quality Hosting Can Boost Your Website

To most founders and entrepreneurs, web hosting might seem like a standard service, with little to no difference between the recognized and unknown providers of the industry. However, the quality of your hosting provider can make the difference between your website being useless or successful. The experience your site’s visitors have is also greatly impacted by your web hosting. To help you navigate this difficult topic, we have compiled a list of the most important aspects of hosting you should consider when choosing your provider for your business’ website:

  1. Search Engine Ranking

The search engine ranking of your website is greatly affected by the speed of its loading time. The slower your host server is, the poorer the ranking you obtain. Another issue with low-quality web hosting is that your website might often be down, and when search engines attempt visiting your website unsuccessfully, your ranking will be negatively affected. Additionally, when your website is down, you might miss out on valuable targeted traffic to your content.

  1. Load Time and Speed

A slow and unresponsive website is clearly damaging to any business’ reputation. It offers an inferior user experience and puts your credibility in doubt for any new visitors. In today’s competitive and digitally advanced age, any sluggish website will result in the visitors opting for the competitors. Choosing a quality hosting provider will make for smooth user experience and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

  1. Security

Having a good web hosting company with a secure IP address will allow you to enable HTTPS on your website. This feature offers additional security and protection of sensitive data. This is the feature known as Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and it automatically encrypts all the information that goes through your website. This represents the ultimate protection against hackers for sensitive or personal information.

  1. Location

Another significant aspect of your web hosting is the location of the server. Having it closer by means less latency, faster data transfer and overall a smoother user experience. This can also greatly impact the search engine ranking of your website, seeing how Google takes the IP address of your server into account. Ideally, we recommend choosing a reputable web hosting provider located in the same country as your business.

  1. Support

One of the main issues with poor web hosting providers is the lack of support. Having no one to address when something goes wrong is extremely frustrating. Not to mention that the low-quality hosting has poor backup, and your website crashing can lead to a long downtime as well as the loss of valuable data. Quality web hosting companies provide 24/7 support and frequent website backups for any eventuality.

Choosing the right web hosting provider for your business is a difficult question to navigate for any business owner. There are naturally many more aspects of hosting, however, we strived to give you an overview of the most important factors and how they might affect your website’s quality, ranking and overall user experience. Quality web hosting doesn’t have to be overly expensive, however, it has to come from a reputable provider.

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