VPS Annual Hosting Plans

There are 5 Levels of  VPS Hosting

  • 1GB Ram
  • 2GB Ram
  • 3GB Ram
  • 4GB Ram
  • 8GB Ram
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VPS Hosting Plans

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a special type of web hosting. In a way, it is somewhat like a hybrid between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.

With shared hosting, your website is hosted on a server with a bunch of other sites from other customers. Because all of the websites are on the same server, they all affect each other’s performance. For example, if one site gets a sudden spike in traffic, it can slow the other sites down. This can be bad news for your business if your website suddenly starts running extremely slowly because of another site on the server.

With dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, you have your own physical server that is devoted solely to your business. That means that all of the server’s resources are dedicated to your site and you don’t have to worry about any other sites on the server affecting its performance. The primary downside to dedicated server hosting is that it is extremely expensive.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, is an affordable option that gives you many of the same benefits as dedicated server hosting at a much lower price. Virtual private server hosting is like shared hosting in that there are multiple customers using the same machine.

The primary difference is that each of those customers has their own virtualized server on the machine. The actual physical server is partitioned into separate virtual servers, each of which has its own operating system and dedicated resources. That means that your site is kept completely separate from all of the other customers on the machine.

Like dedicated server hosting, you can control your hosting environment, setting up your virtual server however you see fit. You also usually will have root access to the server, allowing you to make whatever changes you need.

Unlike dedicated server hosting, however, you don’t have to pay a fortune each month for these benefits. Instead, the cost is only slightly higher than shared hosting. This makes it the perfect combination of shared and dedicated server hosting. You get the low price tag that goes along with a shared environment along with the security and control of having your own server.

VPS hosting has many advantages that make it a great choice for websites that have a lot of pages or that get a lot of traffic. As a site grows, this type of hosting is a good stepping stone to move up to before looking into dedicated server hosting.

All Hosting Plans Include;

Lightning Speed

Your account is hosted on SSD RAID-10 storage array’s for blazing fast page loads & reliability.

No Down Time

Your hosting account is backed up nightly. So relax and breathe, we’ve got you covered.

Amazing Interface

Easy & fast integration with Google Apps with our 1-click integration tool.

Bold Security

We actively scan & block known vulnerabilities to protect your site.

Unlimited Email Accounts

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Choose Your Package

1GB Ram, 2GB Ram, 3GB Ram, 4GB Ram, 8GB Ram


1 GB Ram

$ 49.95/Mo or $500/Annual

25 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage

1,000 GB Premium Bandwidth

4 Cores

2 GB Ram VPS

$ 69.95/Mo or $750/Annual

50 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage

1,500 GB Premium Bandwidth

4 Cores

3 GB Ram VPS

3 GB Ram

$ 89.95/Mo or $1000/Annual

75 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage

2,000 GB Premium Bandwidth

4 Cores

4 GB Ram VPS

4 GB Ram

$ 109.95/Mo or $1200/Annual

100 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage

2,500 GB Premium Bandwidth

4 Cores

8 GB Ram VPS

8 GB Ram

$ 149.95/Mo or $1500/Annual

125 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage

3,000 GB Premium Bandwidth

4 Cores