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Choosing the Right Material for Your Printing

What you print on matters. Your consumers will judge the quality of your physical advertisements, and you want to get the best return for your investment. The sheer amount of materials available may seem overwhelming, but choosing the right style for your projects can be easy if you understand the benefits for each.

Here at Salterra Graphics, we want to help you appeal to your target audience. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most popular materials to help you understand the pros and cons of each.

Coated vs. Uncoated

Coated papers generally have a semigloss or gloss appearance, whereas uncoated paper is matte. Semi-gloss and Gloss help bring out the vibrancy in your colors, but they can also show marks and spots if exposed to moisture or humid environments. If you want a softer look, then matte is the way to go. On the rise in popularity are pearlescent and metallic stock, especially for business cards. They add an elegant shine that draws the eye.


Papers come in a variety of textures from smooth bond and slick gloss to textured business linen and resume media. Textured linens offer a professional quality to letterheads and business cards, while slick gloss can bring out the vibrancy of your colors and fold well for catalogues and brochures.


While white and ivory are the classic standard, your business does not need to accept this limit. Stand out from the competition from choosing a color that fits your brand and product. Pearlescent silvers work well for formal event services, whereas gold or blue business linen can accent law firms. While most presses cannot print on black paper, choosing a solid black background can add an elegant touch and draw attention. Bold colors help advertise sales and offers.


Weight measures the thickness of your paper. If you want something that folds well without cracking around the creases, you will need a lighter weight; if you want something that will hold up in the mail and your customers household, you want something heavier. The weight of paper is expressed in points or pounds. Standard copy paper runs from 20-24lb.; brochures tend to lean more towards 80-100 lb. Business cards work best on 12 to 14 pt. stock, so they hold up well being taken in and out of wallets.

Unique Materials

Business card magnets have taken the marketing world by storm, offering your consumers an easy and visible way to store your information. Promotional products offer a functional item that your client is more likely to keep and use, constantly reminded of your branding. QR codes on laminated sheets are a durable way to give your customer access to your site without having to spread printed materials.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Materials

If you plan on placing an advertisement outside, then you need a material you know can withstand the elements. If your banner is temporary or inside, then you can cut costs through materials. Outdoor banners work best on Opaque Scrim or Mesh Vinyl, thick and textured materials that can withstand tough winds and rain; yard signs need to be on corrugated board so that water falls straight through. Indoor banners, however, can be printed on polypropylene. This paper is thicker and more durable than regular paper, but it doesn’t hold up to wind and rain like vinyl will.


Finishing includes anything from binding materials to lamination. For binding, the main options are coils, combs, and staples. If you have a small magazine or program, then folded and stapled brochures are a cost-effective method. If your materials need to allow your client to add and remove pages, then you want comb binding as the spines can be unrolled to adjust content. For easy to maneuver catalogs and product information manuals, durable coil binding is your best bet. Consider lamination to protect materials you need to reuse often; you can also mark on lamination with dry or wet erase markers and later clean them with ease.

Printing with Salterra Graphics

We are committed to helping your business impress clients. Our expert graphic design services and professionals can help you create dazzling materials, and our knowledgeable staff can ensure that you choose the best printing media. Give us a call today to discuss your project!