Lead Generation and SEO Tactics Every Business Should Use

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Lead Generation Tactics To Use Today

It is not possible for a business to be successful if they don’t know how to generate solid leads. While every person who seems intrigued in your products and services will not bite, the more people you have interested, the higher your number of conversions is likely to be. If you’ve been having trouble gaining new leads, here are some tactics that should help tremendously.

Reduce Landing Page Options

The only requirements of a great landing page are simple: Have a great call to action (CTA) and make signup as easy as possible. There are some companies that have links to the home page, FAQs, and other components on this page. This may seem like it could be helpful, but it actually lowers conversion rates in most cases. Your best bet would be to eliminate additional options so people are left with just one thing to do.

Create Winning Blogs Consistently (Really!)

Blogging seems easy in theory, but many company owners are not very consistent with it. Why in the world would you give people a little taste of what they want and then have them waiting in anticipation for a large dose of nothing? You don’t have to create a new blog entry each and every day, but doing it every 2-3 days will keep people interested and increase the chances of them taking advantage of the products and services you offer.

In addition to writing blogs on a regular basis, make sure that you offer the reader information that they cannot find elsewhere. Ask yourself, “Why should they read what I have to say when there are so many others out there?” If you can find the answer to that query, this will be the key to creating killer content that people will feel compelled to read.

Place Links In Your Signature

When writing on forums or creating emails to send to readers, it is common for people to use signatures so there can be a distinction between them and the next person. Take advantage of this by adding links to your signature. There have been a few studies that have shown people who send emails and sign off in forums using a link in their signature receive more than 15% more conversions than those that do not.

Add A Contact Number To Your Site

One part of getting people to trust you is by being open about who you are. If people are not able to contact you directly, they may have a feeling you are not as legitimate as you claim. Even if you are selling something that seems self-explanatory and you couldn’t imagine why contact info would be needed, provide it anyway. This transparency will increase your trust levels and your conversion rate.

Working hard to gain leads is fruitless if you are not using the best tactics that are available. You should use the ones that were discussed here if you want to see a decent increase in your sales numbers.

Lead Generation Tactics

5 On-Page SEO Strategies Everyone Should Use

Everyone is always looking for the golden goose of SEO tips, yet all of them are not successful. If you are worried about coming up with solid on-page SEO strategies, you are in luck.

Here are five pointers that will help you boost your site’s ranking.

1. Google Synonyms

One problem that many people have is finding relevant keywords. This is particularly difficult if your business is in a niche that is very popular. The idea is to head to Google, search for synonyms of relevant terms and integrate them into your website copy.

In case you are unsure of how to search for synonyms, you type the tilde symbol (~) and then the term that you are seeking synonyms for.

2. Optimize Your Page Titles

Every page on your site should have its own unique title, and it should include the main keyword that describes the content on the page. For instance, if you create a post that describes how to build a doghouse, the title of the page should reflect this. When people are searching for specific terms, your page title can help you stand out from the crowd.

As a side note, make sure that you put the keywords early in the page title. You should also make it a point not to repeat the term within the title to get more views since search engines frown upon this.

3. Keyword Density

The keyword density of your page should be no more than 1.5% and this includes the use of LSI keywords. This is crucial since it will determine how easy it is for others to find you while doing a search. Using the words well means that you will have a great chance of climbing the rankings. With that said, make sure not to create pages with a very high keyword density since it will look like you are keyword stuffing, and that is black hat SEO at its worst.

4. Write Longer Blogs

Since most people believe that the world is all about instant gratification, they try to keep blog posts really short. The problem with this is that it does not solidify your position as an expert nor does it give you the opportunity to you more keywords. You should strive to make your posts at least 500-700 words at the very minimum. Keep in mind that droning on and on for thousands of words will bore people, so know when to set the cut-off point.

5. Create Engaging Content

It doesn’t matter what you do if the content on your page is not very compelling. You have to give people a reason to head to your page and stay there to enjoy the information that is being offered. Many on-page SEO techniques help people find your page, but this one will ensure they have a reason to come back.

SEO is not all about using random keywords and hoping for the best. Using solid on-page SEO strategies can go a long way when it comes to your business getting the attention you feel it deserves.

5 On-Page SEO Strategies Everyone Should Use

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