Las Vegas Mansion Mastermind 2021

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Salterra was proud to be a part of a recent mastermind that was held in Las Vegas over the course of 2 days. Being in an ever-changing industry that doesn’t offer formal education can definitely offer challenges for anyone starting out. For several of us that have worked in this field for many years, it’s very beneficial to connect with other peers to troubleshoot and share resources. The benefit to your business can be monumental.

What Is The Las Vegas Mansion Mastermind

Typically a mastermind is a group of like-minded peers in the same industry connecting on a regular basis to share ideas, offer support, and create a “think-tank” for your business. Creating a mastermind can bring new ideas and a fresh approach to problems you may have in your company. Utilizing the knowledge or resources of other business owners who are in the same industry can streamline your processes or fill the gaps that you aren’t aware you have.

The goal of our Vegas Mastermind was to connect with other agency owners and see if we could help. As agency owner ourselves, we have encountered pivotal moments where having another perspective makes the difference for our overall business. This is what we were looking for to give back and also learn from others.

More About The Las Vegas Mansion Mastermind

Our group was about 30, a few couldn’t make it for various reasons, so even though the standard number is recommended to be around 10, we felt our group was a great mix of experience and skill. The presentations were key to our industry and the general consensus was that everyone was able to contribute and also received value in return. Our colleagues included smaller independent agencies, to a few larger established and influencing firms.

The format was simple; have a few presentations each day in a non-formal setting and allow Q&A during the presentation. This enabled a more organic flow of information and everyone could contribute even if they weren’t officially presenting. While some professionals caution against this type of format for the obvious reason that it could go off-track quite easily, our group was professional and invested in the discussion and kept it relative to the presentation.

The weekend consisted of quality information on:

  • Google My Business setup and optimization by Jessie Taylor, GMB Department Manager at Web 20 Ranker. Her presentation was professional and informative and everyone was grateful for the insights!
  • Terry Samuels, owner of Salterra Web Services provided insights into siloing your website and the value of schema (no, there isn’t a plugin that can do that!). Again, another powerful presentation.
  • Clint Butler, Director of SEO at Digitaleer, and principal at SIA (Search Intelligence Agency) provided a wealth of knowledge on link tiers as well as current test results (and testing, then test again!).
  • Chaz Edwards, owner of Web 20 Ranker, Local Client Takeover, and Local Brand Advisor provided some foundational, yet critical advice on growing your agency from his vast experience. Giving us a glimpse into the precision and professionalism he has brought to his companies.
  • Jacob Kettner from First Rank Search Engine Marketing in Canada discussed the value and importance of a CRM to manage the flow of tasks and maintain accountability. He also showed us his Google Reviews Tool.
  • Kevin Heimlich of The Ad Firm discussed at length the value and importance of organizing and hiring the right team members to fit key positions in your organization.
  • Simon Cornelius, of Page 1 Doctors, provided relevance on Entity Gaps, schema, and creating relationships. He also showed us his schema-building tool.
  • Keith Evans owner of UpHero discussed Conversion Rate Optimization, an under-utilized strategy to convert visitors into clients. The discussions were informative and provided value for everyone in attendance.

Some of the other agencies that attended:

Enleaf | Spartan Digital | BSP Marketing | DelVal SEO | Alzina Marketing | InTrycks | Smith & 7 Marketing Agency | Local Blitz | 38 Digital Market | Holly Starks |

As an evolving community of professionals that are dedicated to providing value and support to other agencies, the mastermind presenters and attendees were able to deliver insights, premium insider knowledge, and foster new relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Our goals are always to deliver the best to our clients and growing and educating ourselves is the best way to do that. For more information, please connect with Salterra.

Las Vegas Mansion Mastermind 2021 – Marketing Conference

About Salterra Digital Services

Salterra was started in 2011 by Terry and Elisabeth Samuels; nothing fancy and nothing pretentious. Quality work at a fair price. Starting with a web design focus, they both quickly learned that while having an amazing website to highlight your business is a great start, marketing is intrinsically foundational for our clients. When several clients were not seeing results through the search efforts of other companies, Terry took it to the next level. While digging into SEO and marketing, he found something he was very passionate about. His inner geek pushed him to focus solely on the data and analytics side of the business while Elisabeth built on her creative and visual strength and expanded the design side. In the industry, it is not always common to have both designers and digital marketing so closely connected, but to them it made perfect sense. Salterra’s World Headquarters is in Tempe Arizona

Terry and Elisabeth are the Hosts of Roundtable SEO Mastermind Series and SEO Spring Training Conference.

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