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Learning Basic Web Design Skills

There is no question that having web design skills is becoming more crucial than ever in today’s global online economy. However, one of the major difficulties in preparing the workers of the future for their changing work environment is the fact that web design is actually a very broad field that covers a lot of specific areas, software, and skills.

Are you talking about IT skills? What about actual programming language? Which of the dozens of programming languages do you need? Then there were your hardware specialists. If you’re talking about Photoshop, or online marketing, those are also different skills from the other sections of web design.

The good news is that there are many different options available when it comes to learning various web design skills that will be useful to a wide array of companies and individuals in the future.

Formal College Training & Technical School Courses

Colleges, universities, and technical schools haven’t failed to notice just how important these skills are going to be in the future and they have rushed to fill the gap between demand and supply. Whether or not an individual student is better off going to a formal college program for web design or diving into a technical school that focuses on the skills depends on a variety of factors including the quality of the school and instruction.

If you’re not the full time college student type don’t worry, there are many other options available for learning web design skills.

Special Online Courses

There are several different reputable websites that specialize in a variety of online courses where you pay a one-time fee but then get access to all the videos and online tutorials that allow you to pick up on that skill. Udemy is a classic example of one of these websites are thousands of online courses are sold every single year. There are web design courses of every single type from professionals who work with web design for living.

Udemy isn’t the only website that offers online classes, either. There are dozens of these websites, and as long as they are being taught by someone who actually works with web design, you are getting a firsthand education often for a fraction of what even a single college class will cost. This is a great value on the dollar.

YouTube & Free Tutorials

Another popular method is to look at all the free resources that are online. You can Google for free course on virtually any type of web design skill whether you are looking for programming, HTML design, photo manipulation, or any other aspect of building a website.

Even better, with the rise of YouTube you can almost always find video tutorials that allow you to not only learn coding but to actually see what the person is talking about in teaching. This visualization makes it much easier for most people to learn and pick up a new skill, and what you’re dealing with something that can be as complex as designing on the World Wide Web you want to be able to actually see your instruction.

This helps you to pick up all the skills you need without having to drop an enormous amount of money. Many people love going this route since it allows them to dip their toes in, so to speak, and get a basic idea of whether or not that particular skill is right for them before spending a lot of money and diving in head first.

This generally isn’t the best route for a complete start to finish education on web design, but it remains a fair starting point.

Salterra does not recommend using website builders. Squarespace, Wix, Weebly are very tempting for business owners. The biggest challenge with these sites is when you go to optimize it for search engines. These sites do not give you the same opportunity as a CMS like WordPress.

Find The Right Option For You

As you can see there are many different options when it comes to learning all about web design and its many different facets. Starting out with free tutorials, blog posts, and YouTube videos is always a great start but don’t be afraid to step up and buy an online course or two during a sale, get a little bit deeper into developing those skills.

These courses can often be as little as $30 and yet sometimes are enough to pick up the full skill set that you’re looking for or at the very least get you prepared for that all important next step towards web design greatness!

Most of the clients that come to us have attempted to build their own websites. Salterra can remove the burden of this so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us today. 480-273-2273