What is the most important thing YOU can do to your website for SEO in 2022?

Google Synonyms

One problem that many people have is finding relevant keywords. This is particularly difficult if your business is in a niche that is very popular. The idea is to head to Google, search for synonyms of relevant terms and integrate them into your website copy.

In case you are unsure of how to search for synonyms, you type the tilde symbol (~) then the term that you are seeking synonyms for.

Salterra’s Keyword Research digs deep into strategizing your Search Engine Optimization campaign to produce CONTENT.

SEO Content Strategy

Relevant Content !! RC from here on – is the most important thing you can do for your pages you want to drive traffic to them. Relevant content starts with making your website all about your business, not just a mash-up of “keywords” and overloaded with phrases that are meant to drive traffic to your site. We have all seen those sites, and while we can appreciate that they are working on SEO content strategies, we as a consumer would love something a little more user-friendly. Good sentence structure, along with information that ties in with who you are and what you are offering will do more for your site’s SEO content than you can imagine.  If your content is not relevant, then it will not show up on the rankings.

content writingSome SEO consultants teach that Linking is the most critical, but in the natural world of search, Google and soon Bing will look to see if the content matches the keyword phrase or phrases you are counting on. if you have a page for dishwashers your content must be around dishwashers. RC is critical for the way spiders are searching your page. (not the scary arachnids, but web crawlers: the little guys that you want to be running around your site!) Google’s goal is to make the best results possible for the people searching. So if you have a page about dishwashers and your content is about dryers, google will recognize this and either not rank your page, or it will be ranked so low, it will never be found. Bad content is death to your pages, and detrimental to your bottom line.

Why is SEO Content Important?

Content Strategy is not just the words on the page, while many end consumers judge your site based on the look and feel of the site, search engines don’t see everything the same as we do. Many times an amazing site visually cannot rank with SEO. What? Why?? As beautiful and striking as your images are, they are irrelevant to the web crawlers. Not only do images mean nothing to your SEO content marketing, but your banners also fall into the same category. Banners and infographics are a great way to reach potential customers but don’t offer anything to further your goals.  These are things to keep in mind when you are planning and creating a new website. At Salterra, we take all these things and more into consideration for your website. Our sites are created with strong search optimization services from the beginning in order to offer your business the best chance at competing with everyone else on the internet. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote on your SEO Content, and let our design team elevate your business strategies to give you an edge in your marketplace.

Content is King for SEO

Where do we get relevant content?? If you’re like me, running a business, a family, and a personal life, (ok, running a Business- the family kinda runs me…) taking the time out to write relevant, interesting, and informational articles for my blog doesn’t always rate high up on my list of things that I can actually get accomplished. I strive to get it done along with everything else and I have high expectations, as I’m sure you do as well, but at some point, I need to realize that as much as I try: I really can’t do EVERYTHING!!  Enter the best thing since sliced bread: content writers!! (ok, maybe there have been a few MAJOR inventions between bread slicing and writing content, but just go with me for a minute)

There are many people out there that can write fresh, informative, relative articles that will help you to put yourself out there in the “blogosphere” and utilize their combined efforts and make a difference for your website. This is a great opportunity to leverage their skills and keep your time management manageable. (relatively speaking, of course) If you aren’t able to afford a professional content writer ( they are much more cost-effective than you may realize) you can try to ask around to any of your friends and see if they have the skills and ability to write a couple of articles to get you started then progress to a content writer. I’m sure you have a college student somewhere on your Facebook friends list or a teacher who would be willing to work with you.  Who knows, you may be helping them to add to their resume or supplement with a part-time job as a content writer!

You may be asking how could someone else write about my business? what do they know about my industry? Many content writers are actually very good, they do some research into your business and your area. You might be surprised at what you receive from a professional content writer. Once you receive the article you can always personalize it and change a few things, after all, we want it to reflect you. Editing an already completed article or page is comparatively easier than writing it from scratch, this way you have a little more time for the important things; like baking cookies with your kids ( or invoicing clients, or updating spreadsheets, or  or or )

There is always the tried and true system of bartering, just make sure it’s a win-win. We here have always had a philosophy that if we all work together and help each other, we can all go farther: TOGETHER!

Good On-Page SEO Strategy

5 On-Page Search Engine Optimization Methods Every person Ought to Make use of

1. Google Synonyms

One trouble that many individuals have is locating pertinent keywords. If your service is in a particular niche that is really prominent, this is specifically hard. The concept is to go to Google, look for basic synonyms of pertinent terms as well as incorporate them right into your website duplicate.

For instance, you are uncertain of how you can look for basic synonyms, you kind the tilde icon (~) after that the term that you are looking for basic synonyms for.

2. Maximize Your Web page Titles

Every web page on your website needs to have its very own one-of-a-kind title, and also it needs to consist of the primary search phrase that defines the material on the web page. If you develop an article that explains exactly how to construct a dog house, the title of the web page ought to mirror this. Your web page title could assist you to stand out from the group when individuals are browsing for particular terms.

As a side note, make certain that you place the keyword phrases early in the web page title. You need to likewise make it a factor not to duplicate the term within the title to obtain even more sights given that internet search engines discredit this.

3. Keyword phrase Thickness

The key phrase thickness of your web page must be no even more compared to 1.5% as well as this consists of the usage of LSI keywords. With that stated, make certain not to produce web pages with an extremely high key phrase thickness because it will certainly look like you are keyword padding, as well as that is black hat Search Engine Optimization at its worst.

4. Create Longer Blog sites

Because the majority of individuals think that the globe is all concerning instantaneous satisfaction, they attempt to maintain blog site messages actually brief. The issue with this is that it does not strengthen your setting as a specialist nor does it offer you the possibility to you a lot more search phrases.

5. Produce Involving Web content

If the web content on your web page is not extremely engaging, it does not matter just what you do. You need to offer individuals a need to visit your web page as well as remain there to appreciate the info that is being supplied. Several on-page Search Engine Optimization strategies aid individuals locate your web page, yet this will certainly guarantee they have a need to return.

Organic Link Building

Search Engine Optimization is a complex field that includes both on-page and off-page elements. The on-page things are the things that you would want to get fixed before anything else making sure that your site’s HTML is with standards and that your site is mobile-friendly, but after you’ve fixed those most glaring potential challenges the next step is the off-page work, of which link building is a vital part.

organic SEOMost search engines find your content writing primarily through external links, and they use those links to assess how famous your site is, and how much people like it. If your site is linked to print media, popular bloggers, high profile businesses related to your niche, then that probably means that you have something interesting to read about. In contrast, if it is only linked to by a handful of web directories or some bloggers that are known to accept cash to link back to websites, then the search engines are likely to question the value of your content. They won’t give much weight or priority to lower-quality sites.

Link building for SEO involves finding sites that are high quality and that are relevant to your niche and getting them to place a link back to you. Trading links, link ‘triangles’, and paid-for links are very risky, and they will most likely get your site penalized for having what Google would call an “un-natural looking link profile”. The best chance you have of getting high-quality links is to send out content announcing things that happen in your company, take advantage of quality guest blogging opportunities, share infographics or community events that will get people linking to you.

Salterra will assist you to get links that are given freely and willingly, rather than ones that seem forced. These links will most likely have different connection text, and may even link to different pages within your site, which will give you a better overall link structure for the search engines.

Salterra watches and monitors all links coming in, it’s important that you’re mindful of how you link out as well. We don’t accept links for pay, no matter how tempting the offer is. We don’t accept links to your sites that are unrelated to your niche and don’t just automatically link back to anyone that links to you. That’s where things can start to go wrong and you’ll end up with a website that is (rightly or wrongly) thought of as being “low quality” in the minds of the search engines.

If you did go on a link-building spree and acquire links that are low quality, ask the webmasters to remove them. If they can’t or won’t do this, then you should look at telling Google that you want to disavow the links. You can do this in your webmaster tools control panel. If you haven’t got a webmaster tools panel set up, you should get one immediately. Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by Google, and it will give you some valuable insights into the performance of your website. Be Safe and do it right. Contact Salterra Today

How Do I Know What Is Important In SEO?

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