Hire a Local Internet Marketing Company

If you ask any of the SEO experts today about the most up-to-date developments and advancements in the SEO world, they will all talk about “local SEO.” It has become one of the more popular topics in regards to SEO and this is backed by good reasons. Google has recently made it very clear that the local searches are of great importance. This is because Google is aiming at letting the local and smaller businesses gain the necessary attention that they deserve. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a local Internet Marketing company.

The Pigeon Update

The Pigeon update forms part of the initiative of Google to display the local and relevant results to the users. This involves using geo-location data in order to produce these results which are relevant to the search terms in a specific local area. One of these examples may be when the user types in “dentist” it is assumed and just about certain that the user is in search of a local dentist. This means that it uses the user’s location in order to serve up the nearest businesses.

The Rise Of Mobile

Google has also recently confirmed the fact that there are far more search queries now made on mobile devices compared to the traditional desktop. What this means is that most of the users that search on Google are now doing so from tablets or Smartphone’s. Most people that use Google to search for something are on-the-go and looking for fast results in a local area. Google is well aware of this and for this reason prioritizes the local results.

Impossible Competition

Until recently, it was still a relatively easy task to gain a high ranking on Google worldwide. But today there are over a billion websites that are active online and aiming to rank on the first page of Google for a specific keyword is just about impossible due to the increase in competition. The way around this is to begin small and then attempt to dominate “local” search results. Hiring a local SEO company provides you with a way to find the best and targeted niche and a way to build up real audiences.

Why Review Sites Are So Important

Google is not only interested in locations of businesses, but also is interested in knowing about the quality and authority of websites. When a user is search of a plumber or restaurant in a specific area Google will want to direct the user to the best sites. For this reason it makes use of review sites such as Yelp or TripAdvisor in order to decide on the quality of sites. Local SEO services will not only optimize the website they also boost the consumer ratings overall.

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