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Give your business an edge in the competition and dazzle your consumers with an eco-friendly, professionally designed electronic catalog. An e-catalog melds with your website to supply a seamless technological experience that consumers appreciate in this digital age. It is also easily edited, so any stock changes are accounted for immediately.

Our designers can work with you to create a gorgeous work of art that will appeal to your customers and give you a new edge over the competition. Read on to learn more!

Benefits of an Electronic Catalog

We know you understand the importance of a catalog. It delivers information on your stock to consumers and helps convert interest to sales. However, an e-catalog can offer your business even more. They can help appeal to customers in a new way and reduce your overhead costs. Reasons to invest in an custom graphic electronic catalog include:

Eco-friendly Technology

The environment is a big concern among customers, and anything a company can do to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint is encouraged. E-Catalogs are extremely eco-friendly. No trees are chopped down and no printing is required, and they never go out of date, leading to reduced waste.

Less company overhead

Printing and delivery can be expensive; eliminate these costs by offering an e-Catalog that can be easily accessed on your website. You also won’t have any out-of-date catalogs piling up to be shred or disposed. Offering an e-catalog also gives your consumers a chance to spread information about your company and products easily, rather than having to haul around a bulky paper catalog. Increased consumer sharing equals increased market visibility at no cost to you.

Keeping up with the times

We live in the future. While we may not have hover cars readily available, we do most of our shopping and consumer research through the internet. Consumers often evaluate a company by their web presence. Social Media, Websites, and Digital Information Services are key incentives for a consumer to choose a company. An e-catalog can help draw in these technological shoppers, answer any questions about your product, link them to additional information, and convert interest to sales in one stop.

Who is Salterra Graphics Company?

Here at Salterra, we understand the importance of melding into the digital age. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with experiences in building web branding from the ground up. From churches to companies, our services have helped several organizations and brands increase their web presence and draw in new business. Now, we want to help expand your company, too. Give us a call today; it’s time to make your mark on the internet.

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