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Church Website Design

Salterra specializes in Church Website Design, Affordable designs for Churches, and Church Templates, Call today and we will take care of you and your needsSalterra Web Design and SEO specializes in helping churches utilize the internet to grow God’s Kingdom. Many churches are underserved in their communities, but with the use of the internet, they are able to reach more people and not be limited by their geographical location. Your website can be a distinctive first impression to potential visitors and future members of your congregation. You want your site to reflect the passion and dedication that you have for God.

We understand that most churches operate through the time and effort of dedicated volunteers; that is why we make our packages reasonable for churches, enabling them to take advantage of the opportunities the internet has to offer at an affordable design price. We will happily work with your current technology team to enable them to maintain your website. As an outreach, a communication forum, and a way to generate tithes and offerings for the church, a productive website can do much more than you can imagine.

In a world heavily dependent on technology, we create a way for your church to reach more and more people, on a level that they can relate to, and show how God’s word is as relevant today as it has ever been. In addition to designing an impactful website, you want that site to be easily found. Our ongoing Church SEO packages will continue to keep your church at the forefront of your outreach, enabling people to find you quickly and easily. We are not of this world, but we can use the technology we have been given in this world to outreach for God’s glory.

ALL Churches, Charities, and Foundations receive a substantial discount on our pricing. Please fill out the form to see how we can help you >>>>

Church Web Design is our Mission

Salterra Complete Web Services can offer your Church a website that is easy to use, visually appealing, and intriguing enough to capture people’s attention. We offer a place for your members and visitors to further feed their growth in the Spirit, connecting in fellowship with other like-minded Christians through an online community. Our goal is to reach the “four corners of the earth” for God’s Kingdom through technology. A website by Salterra is the second best way to reach people, the first being word of mouth. The use of the internet has grown over 500% since the year 2000, and currently has 3.6 billion users. That is almost half of the world population! With that kind of potential, we are dedicated to helping you reach out to your community, your continent and out into our world, to deliver the message of God’s saving grace; without boundaries.


Web Design for Churches Blog Posts

Our first and greatest passion is to further the kingdom of God through helping churches, charities, and foundations. This is where we first started and what we know to be our purpose today. While the secular world is fast-paced and ever-changing, many in the CCF arena ( Churches, Charities, and Foundations) rely heavily on volunteers, and non-professionals help to manage their marketing and advertising. Often, this means a limited knowledge of computers and technical “jargon”.  This is where we excel.  We will work with those who maintain your website to offer training, support and ongoing maintenance.

Web Design For Your Place of Worship

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Why Having a Great Web Design For a Church Is So Important Having professional web design for a church website is very important. If your church does not have an inviting design, that accurately reflects [...]

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Affordable Designs for Churches

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Affordable Designs for Churches by Salterra Salterra Web Design and SEO specializes in helping churches utilize the internet to grow God's Kingdom by offering affordable designs for churches.  Many churches are under served in their communities, with the [...]

Another Affordable Church Websites

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Another one of Salterra's Affordable Church Websites Many churches have an ingrained philosophy that as it takes a village to raise a child, said same village can raise a church. While it is true that [...]