Electrical Pattern Monitoring – Centenelle ePM Technology Website Launch

Salterra is excited to announce the official website launch for Centenelle. Centenelle Electrical Pattern Monitoring systems provide 24/7 comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the energy consumption of motors, providing the richest source of information on industrial motor health.

We have been so fortunate to be a part of Centenelle’s team to help industrial companies protect their equipment. This new technology is a key patented differentiator. Centenelle’s technology distills massive volumes of continuous data into act-ready information. This provides the earliest and most comprehensive predictive indicators of both inefficiencies and pending failures, enabling your business to remain functional at all times.

These monitors provide early detection indicators before asset damage occurs – resulting in reduced downtime and maintenance costs, increased in energy savings, and improved safety.

This knowledge will result in lower costs through a variety of operation, maintenance, and efficiency improvements.
Earliest detection of a wide range of pending failures – Centenelle ePM technology will provide the earliest and most comprehensive predictive indicators of both inefficiencies and pending failures.

  • Immediate identification of voltage supply problems which will significantly reduce motor life expectancy and efficiency
  • The earliest detection of mechanical imbalance and alignment problems such as those associated with bearing failure, mechanical friction problems, and other conditions that cause excessive mechanical vibration
  • The earliest detection of pump and fan blockages, mechanical obstruction or overload, and control system problems such as soft-start failure
  • Identification of energy-inefficient motors and processes
  • Continuous monitoring of energy efficiency – The Centenelle system continuously and securely monitors the power demand and energy consumption of electric motors, allowing for continuous analysis of energy efficiency.

Continuous monitoring of power supply quality – Electrical pattern monitors provide advanced, continuous, and comprehensive monitoring of the quality of the electric power feed to the motor-driven system. This capability cannot be cost-effectively provided with other power monitoring products.

Rich source of operational data for existing plant monitoring and control systems – Most electrical energy consumption is “blind” in that operators can’t see how and when energy is being used. The Centenelle system provides a comprehensive set of power-related data and alerts that can be directly interfaced with other plant monitoring and control systems.

Salterra has worked with Centenelle Motor Monitoring to help effectively reduce accidents in the industrial world. Sharing this powerful technology could save business owners in time, money, and possibly life-saving situations. This technology is applicable across hundreds of types of industries including but not limited to; agriculture, construction, mining machinery manufacturing, metalworking manufacturing, commercial and service industry manufacturing, and other general-purpose machinery manufacturing.

Not to mention all of the additional customer benefits:

  • Easy to install, configure, and monitor – no operator interface is required
  • A customizable alert system with notifications – The earliest predictive indicator detection of a wide range of pending failures and inefficiencies
  • Access to the Centenelle Motor Diagnostic Center (CMDC) which provides standard reports, motor health assessments, and data analysis tools
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of energy efficiency – within two months customers will be able to identify annual energy savings
  • Long-term data acquisition and management will build relationships between deviation patterns, the cause of the problem, and the solution – resulting in lower operating costs

This new website for Centenelle has been fun and exciting to work on. We have included images of industries impacted by this technology, as well as an example of what Centenelle’s device looks like. It is important to note that their technology has the unique flexibility to be effective as an independent stand-alone data acquisition and warning system, or their technology can be integrated into existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems of all types to enhance previous technology investments by customers.

Centenelle Motor Monitoring

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