15 07, 2019

Negative SEO – Should You Worry?

July 15th, 2019|SEO, Wordpress|

Usually, whenever you read about SEO, it's about how to make sure your website is identified as high-value content by search engines' algorithms, and as something that's relevant for users interested in a certain niche. However, there's an unethical, black-hat counterpart to SEO which consists of using that knowledge to sabotage the pagerank of competing websites - essentially pulling your website up by pushing others down. Why Is Negative SEO A Thing? Black hat SEO techniques have always been a [...]

5 01, 2019

Building an Ecommerce Site with WordPress

January 5th, 2019|Web Design, Wordpress|

WordPress and Ecommerce is a Perfect Match In today’s digital age, over 500 billion dollars are spent each year across all ecommerce sites in the US alone. Fact is, more people are doing their shopping online, and if you’re business doesn’t have an ecommerce solution optimized to serve that market, you’re missing out big time. With an ecommerce website your products are available to your customers 24/7/365. Rain or shine, snow storm or sunny day, your store is ready to [...]

31 12, 2018

Building Affordable Websites with WordPress

December 31st, 2018|Web Design, Wordpress|

If you have a business, be it large or small, you’re likely in need of a website that will allow you to showcase your brand, products, services and why your solutions are the best fit for your target audience. Your website will act as your digital storefront, open 24/7 365 days a year, closing more deals than your best sales rep could ever do. And best of all, it will perform consistently, today, tomorrow and for years to come. Unless [...]

24 04, 2018

Must Have Design Elements for Any Website

April 24th, 2018|Wordpress|

  Must Have Design Elements for Any Website Designing, structuring and building a website is an intense ordeal. There’s graphics, content, pages, links, navigation, sitemaps and more to consider. With all the fuss around production, budgets and meeting deadlines, it’s easy to forget some of the core elements your site should be equipped with to ensure its success. This article will give you a brief overview on the key elements you should consider adding to any website. Tell Your Story [...]

15 02, 2018

Web Design using WordPress

February 15th, 2018|Wordpress|

Wordpress Web Design A professionally-designed website can help your business stand out. It will also ensure a smooth user experience and help for the better positioning of your content within search engine results. The problem with professional website design is that it tends to be quite expensive. The field of web development is changing all the time, giving project owners chances to reduce costs and get excellent results. Affordable design using Wordpress is one of the great possibilities. Developments and [...]