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Aspects of an Outstanding Websites in 2020

In today’s competitive market, consumers are getting increasingly more tech-savvy, and research tendencies have drastically increased for all types of purchases. Before committing, a regular buyer will look over the brand’s website, reviews and perhaps its social media or blogging activities. Recent statistics support, that a total of 85% of buyers perform research before an online purchase. The most popular channel is the company’s website, where 74% of the consumers choose to conduct their research. Seeing how 17 out of 20 potential customers will go through your website, the importance of a responsive, impressive and aesthetic page can seal the deal in each and every case. Here are 3 of the most important aspects to keep in mind when you’re looking for your next web design:

  1. Brand Transparency

One of the most sought out qualities for today’s businesses is trust and reliability. In order to build trust virtually, the best way is to offer absolute brand transparency. Having a website that openly showcases your brand’s internal workings, values and pricing will inspire your customers to become more loyal, and in some cases to become advocates of your products or services. Consumers have become increasingly more aware and knowledgeable, and they won’t engage with a brand unless they feel respected. The way to show your respect for your customers with your website is complete clarity.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization can assist your website in getting free targeted traffic when implemented correctly. Achieving top rankings in search results will not only decrease the odds of your customers buying from the competitors, but also display your brand above your competition, even when customers are looking for them as first alternatives. A well-implemented SEO strategy to your website will raise conversion rates, vastly increase your online presence and aid in building your credibility. To make sure you reap all the benefits, we recommend hiring a dedicated strategist, to make sure that all the nuances of your website’s SEO are properly addressed.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Web Design

With smartphone usage having spiked through the roof in the past 7 years, it has become crucial for a business to have a mobile-friendly website and content. Statistics show that around 40% of all eCommerce purchases are executed through a mobile device. Even more importantly, mobile devices generate approximately 53.3% of overall website traffic. Having a website that’s unresponsive or difficult to navigate with a smartphone in 2020 is completely out of bounds. Another reason for mobile-friendly websites becoming a standard is ranking. For smartphone searches, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Sites optimized for mobile devices will rank higher than those that aren’t, thus neglecting this aspect of your website can result in losing a large number of qualified traffic.

Trust, credibility and transparency are fundamental values that businesses have always aspired towards. In today’s digital world, business owners have to strive to create all this in their own virtual storefronts to be able to successfully compete for market share. If you’re looking to getting a website, or would simply like to enhance your current one, we at Salterra offer professional affordable web design services and winning SEO strategies.

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