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WordPress and Ecommerce is a Perfect Match

In today’s digital age, over 500 billion dollars are spent each year across all ecommerce sites in the US alone. Fact is, more people are doing their shopping online, and if you’re business doesn’t have an ecommerce solution optimized to serve that market, you’re missing out big time.

With an ecommerce website your products are available to your customers 24/7/365. Rain or shine, snow storm or sunny day, your store is ready to serve. This helps your business get exposure and allows you to reach your customers in ways that serve their needs.

But what’s the best way to build an ecommerce site? While there is no “right” answer, WordPress provides an easy, flexible and customizable framework that is a great solution for many business owners looking to dive into ecommerce.

WordPress is a User-Friendly Platform

If you’re new to setting up a website, or don’t have a large budget to have a custom site built, WordPress is a great way to get started. WordPress is a content management system that allows you (or a hired agency) to build your website without having to start entirely from scratch. For example, instead of custom coding every single feature you want on your site, various plugins and scripts can often be leveraged to make those features come to life, cutting down on time to launch, and man hours spent coding. All of which helps to keep development and design costs down.

WordPress is also simple to learn, and you’ll be able to customize your website over time. WordPress has many free themes and plugins that make it simple to make your website unique, functional, and practical.

In fact, WordPress is one of the most popular sites out there. WordPress is also free, open source, and constantly updating for improvements.

If you are interested in providing ecommerce options for your customers, WordPress allows you to do so using some of their free plugins. Paid options and plugins also exist to make your ecommerce solution even more robust and feature rich.

Ecommerce Options with WordPress

Along with all of the basic benefits of using WordPress, there are also many features already built-in that make it a great option for ecommerce.

One of the biggest features that WordPress has to offer as a platform is the treasure trove of plugins to extend its core functionality to serve virtually any purpose you need it to.

Some of the best plugins for ecommerce are explored here:

1: WooCommerce

This is the most common and popular ecommerce plug-in. WooCommerce lets you sell both digital and physical goods. Also, it has many themes and options so you can pick the layout that works best for your business.

2:  Easy Digital Downloads

This plug-in makes selling digital downloads simple. It also comes with many features that make it easy to create a functional and visually appealing digital store. So, if all of your products are just online downloads, you’ll be able to add this plug-in and start selling in no time.

3: MemberPress

This plugin allows you to sell digital products and services that need a subscription. It’s easy to combine with WooCommerce and has a lot of great customizable options. You can use MemberPress to sell memberships, subscriptions, and more.

Keep in mind these are just a few of the ecommerce plugins that are available for WordPress. There are many more out there that can be added to best fit your needs.

Woocommerce and WordPress Are a Awesome

Adding an ecommerce component to your website is a smart option to help your business make more money and make things simpler for your customers. WordPress provides many free plug-ins that allow you to sell all kinds of digital and physical items, and it’s easy to customize and add these plug-ins to your site.

If you need help with WordPress or building your website, Salterra Web Services can provide the expertise you are looking for. Give us a call today.