• If you have a business, be it large or small, you’re likely in need of a website that will allow you to showcase your brand, products, services and why your solutions are the best fit for your target audience.
  • Your website will act as your digital storefront, open 24/7 365 days a year, closing more deals than your best sales rep could ever do. And best of all, it will perform consistently, today, tomorrow and for years to come.
  • Unless you happen to be a tech-savvy individual with a lot of time on their hands, the process of building your own website can seem daunting, but it’s not as scary as it sounds, especially if you get some help at the beginning.

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Affordable Website Design Companies

A web design company can help you effectively plan and map out your website, advise on designs and features that will improve usability, drive sales, and more. Best of all, when you use an affordable WordPress design agency like Salterra, it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Salterra Web Services can help you set up your own WordPress site, making it easy for you to access and update when needed.

WordPress makes it simple to have your own domain name and website hosting for a cheap price. WordPress also makes it easy to set-up your own website quickly using their already designed themes and plugins, giving you a financial head start versus having to start completely from scratch.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why WordPress is an affordable web design solution:

1: You can customize your website using free plugins.

While WordPress makes it simple to use free or low-cost web themes, what about customizing the actual functionality of your site? Custom features and functionality can be EXPENSIVE to have coded from scratch. Luckily for WordPress users, you can access a library of over 200,000 free plugins, making it simple to extend the functionality of your site without having to shell out for expensive development costs.

While you can add many of these customization on your own, for more complicated design elements and upgrades, a web design service like Salterra Web Services can help you make sure everything is installed and working correctly. They can also make sure the plugins won’t interfere with other web code on your site and that they remain secure from cybersecurity threats.

2: WordPress makes editing and adding pages to your website simple.

The design of WordPress makes it easy for anyone to change and add pages to your blog and website. Even if you’re not very tech-savvy, the WordPress editor is very user-friendly. You’ll be able to figure out how to add new pages to your site in no time.

One smart idea is to seek the help of a web designer as you build the site, but then take over control if you need to add more blog pages or other posts over time. You’ll easily be able to add information and posts as they come along.

3: WordPress will help you save money.

It’s much cheaper to use a site like WordPress to build your website than to have a custom-build HTML website created for you. While a web designer can still help you with some of the details and to make your WordPress site how you really want it, it’s still much cheaper than having a site be completely built just for you.

Unless you’re a really big company, it doesn’t make sense most of the time to have a custom-built site. WordPress lets you create an easy-to-use site that looks great at a lower budget.

Need help getting started?

If you need help setting up, designing or managing your WordPress site, Salterra Web Services is ready to help. Our talented web development and design team can optimize your website, help you rank better in Google, and turn your online presence into a selling machine.