Blogging for Internet Marketing

One of the easiest ways to increase your website’s rankings in the search engine is having a blog. Lets face it, we ALL have something to say! Lets just make it work for you. The important details that will enhance your site, like relevant keywords  and relevant content are in the blog, just pick a topic and stay consistent. Optimizing your website helps search engines read and understand your content and increase the chances of dominating the search engine. (This is one place where domination isn’t necessarily a bad thing…)

Here I will share with you the most important aspects of optimization and having a blog:

Blogs are a SEO Dream

Sweet, sweet affordable SEO dreams! Search engine optimization is easier with a website that is optimized for CMS (Content Management System) and Blogging. This is  mainly because the program handles all data and keyword tags. Link metrics are built behind the scenes in a CMS. This waz optimization is easier and the Google bots can easily analyze your data. (You remember us talking about the bots before, don’t you? They are good, no worries) This data stores important and relevant information inside your content such as:

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Headers
  • Internal links
  • New pages
  • Sitemaps
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Plugins and Extensions

This saves you much time and optimizes the linking potential; like a well oiled machine. Link structure is important, and CMS systems usually are easy for search engine indexing since they create good internal link structures. Proper internal linking is important, as it sub-categorizes all your content for the search engines. Another quick tidbit to think about is affordable SEO for images and Video, they will let search engine spiders understand your content more efficiently.

A lot of people think a website is easy to build and get to work right. When you see an expert put one together, they do it in a matter of hours and it doesn’t look hard at all. It’s much like someone doing a painting. A good artist can do it in a short amount of time and make it look very realistic with what they have on hand. The same goes for a web designer, if they are good they’re worth it because of the skill and precision they bring to the table.

What can you do to get an idea for a site you have onto the internet? You first need to try drawing out what you want to see, or finding a way to illustrate it to someone else. Even if that means writing down words for each part of the site to show to an expert, that’s okay too. The closer you can get to someone understanding what you want, the more likely you are to get something that you’re looking for. Of course, every designer should be left to add their own style if you want your site to look stellar.

Why not just let someone have at it and make what they think will look and work the best for what you need? If you’re not a designer, then what you come up with may not look that good at all and won’t work for very long. You may feel like you have a nice and complicated design that would look cool, but that doesn’t mean much since people don’t respond well to things that are too complicated online. A short and to the point site that looks nice and works fast is easier to just have someone make.

Search Engine Optimization and Blogging go hand in hand!

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