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Cheap, affordable, bargain, economical, you have seen all the creative adjectives used to describe low-cost options for your business. We, as service providers, all want to appeal to your sense of thrift in this economy, or any economy. Arizona Business owners may not always feel that pinch in a down economy, but we always want to make the very most of every dollar we spend. It’s basic finance, and it separates the serious business owner from the hobbyist. When throwing out numbers for what you think you can afford for a website, what else do you consider?  Lets look at a few other factors:

Is the bottom line really the bottom of your line? Have you thought about what really goes into creating a great website? Many times, we come across clients that think its just about putting some great pictures up of their business and telling consumers about what they do and “Bam” there you go. We sit and talk with our clients multiple times throughout the process to help define what it is that makes them stand out from their competition, we use analytics and statistics to narrow down their market base, use professional graphics to convey a sense of who they really are, and solid SEO integrated from the beginning of our process.  When you look at everything involved with a professional and marketable website, does the figure you have in your head match the level of professionalism that you want to use and represent your business?

How much time do you feel it would take to convey to a customer your business? Typically you have about a minute to capture them, sometimes, much less. Think about when you are searching for a business online, when you run across websites, how much time do you take to really look at the company, or have you decided quickly based on their representation. We have all seen websites that are outdated, show noticeable errors, don’t load correctly, or really just need to start from scratch. If you are busy enough that you click through until you find what you are looking for, so is everyone else. Time is something that is very precious, we will never get back one second that we have used, so what does that time cost you? How can you turn that time into a dollar amount?

This all boils down to time and money, the two things that mean the most to you as a business owner; The two things that will forever be on your mind. When searching for a cheap web design company, make sure you are looking at all the factors involved in representing you business and can you really afford in the long run, what that cheap website is doing for you?! Call Salterra today, for a no obligation consultation and see what we can do for your bottom line.

More About Salterra LLC

Salterra Web Services Specializes in Web Design, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting, Software Development, and Graphics. We also have a division that removes website malware, and maintains virus protection and the removal of malicious software. We founded the company in 2010. We are centrally located in Tempe, Arizona, but we have clients all over the world.

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