A Basic Guide To Internet Marketing

If you are looking to start a business you need to know what internet marketing is. It is important that you know what internet marketing is and the different types of marketing that make it up. This will ensure that you use the right methods for your business.

What Is Internet Marketing

Internet marketing which is also known as online marketing is the process used to promote products, services or a brand across the internet. This is a very broad term which covers a number of different marketing techniques including email marketing, electronic customer relation management and all online promotional activities. Internet marketing will also include the technical and creative parts of the internet such as advertising, sales, development and web design.

Internet marketing will also deal with the placement and running of online advert campaigns. These campaigns are completed with PPC adverts on a range of different networks. These adverts will also cover different stages of customer engagement.

The Types Of Internet Marketing

There are a number of different types of marketing that internet marketing covers. It is important that you understand what these types are to ensure that you are using the correct type for your business. The first type is affiliate marketing where you will pay a marketer to promote your business or product to potential customers. In return, you will pay them a commission for each sale or lead that is generated by them.

Another type of marketing is display advertising. Display advertising will be the banner adverts that people see on website and blogs which will boost traffic to your business. You will generally have to pay a set amount to advertise on the websites.

Email marketing is another type of internet marketing. As the name suggests you will be sending marketing emails directly to your customers. You will need to first have them sign up to your emails and you have to adhere to the CAN-SPAM regulations to ensure that your emails do not end up in the spam folder.

Search engine marketing and optimization are also parts of internet marketing. This marketing will include ensuring your website is ranked by the search engines or using PPC adverts to advertise your products in the search results.

Social media marketing is also included in internet marketing. When completing this marketing you will look at the social media networks and either have an account or use their PPC adverts.

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