Take your analytic’s to the next level!

So, as much as we like the idea of knowing what people think about our website – not the sugar-coated placation’s that friends are obligated to give… A real, true, unbiased opinion. We can’t exactly place spyware out there for the general public (yeah… creepy, huh?). We can certainly boost our website analytics tools to track when and where they click through heat-maps. Sounds like that cool Russian Spy movie, right?? Not exactly, but it is certainly a great way to find out if you really do have an efficient web layout, if you are grabbing the attention of the consumer, and do you have your finger on the pulse of the people?! (WHOA! Not literally!!)

In the beginning, we all want to start our web layout and design with the right tools in the right place and have it be a front runner right out of the gate but let’s be honest, sometimes it is trial and error. As an artist, designers work to take a concept and form it into a feeling when you look at it. My vision may not be your vision, and while web designers are a bit more practical than an impressionist painter, we all can’t create something that EVERYONE likes. Heat maps are a great way to see how people respond and what they click on as well as how fast they leave the site. ( Hey- Where did you go??)

Salterra’s Newest Product!

REAL TIME Visitor Recording & Heat Maps

Heatmaps by Clicks, Eye-Tracking & Scroll can record every visitor session to offer you the most accurate data about how your website is used. We don’t limit page-views or session as others do therefore giving you a fuller and more accurate view of your analytics.

If you already have an established site, heat-maps are a great way to identify if your current site is working to potential. Even if you don’t want to completely redesign your site, making small changes (adding navigation to your sidebar, or moving a few things around) this will give you a great tool to see what is working and what can be adjusted. In working with many business owners, it’s always a balance in what to put out there, we don’t need to place everything about you, your business and your personality on the front page, nor do we want just an image and menu on the first page either. Balance is the key, and utilizing Salterra’s tracking and analytics tools will unlock your growth and conversion rates.

I know there have to be other options out there, isn’t there a free program? Yes, a limited version can be found, but the cost isn’t just for the tool. Your business deserves a deeper look into what is and isn’t working as well as someone to analyze the results, and have the ability to take action to incorporate a new strategy and execute a plan. As a small business owner you are already juggling so much. Allow us to put our experience, expertise and passion to use for your benefit; this is what we love to do!

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