Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably at a point where your small business needs SEO services. SEO, or search engine optimization services, can generate more traffic, grow brand awareness and drive revenue for small and medium businesses. Yet, finding affordable SEO is no easy task. Given that SEO is such a complex niche, it’s almost impossible to know what service you need, and what’s not worth paying for. This is why it’s important to at least have a basic understanding of SEO and the most popular practices. Therefore we’ll go through all the bases of SEO for small businesses and include everything you need to start generating traffic, without breaking the bank.

Read our guide to the end, and you’ll have all the insights you need about choosing affordable and results-driven SEO services.

Must-Have Affordable SEO Services for SMBs

There’s a distinction to be made between cheap and affordable SEO services. The former might be cheap, but it’s merely wasted money, while the latter is affordable and able to drive results. If you’re an SMB (small to medium business) just starting out you don’t need the most cutting-edge practices or the most expensive digital marketers. You just need to start by upgrading your website’s SEO basics.

Here are the key aspects you should cover if you’re an SMB trying to generate more website traffic.

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO means improving the structure of your web pages, to help Google’s crawlers better index your website. You want the crawlers to think your website loads fast, is secure and all your links are working. This will make it want to promote your content within the search engine results. Your content quality has to be sound, especially from a technical perspective. Otherwise, your SERP rankings will suffer. And it’s best to leave this to experts. Updating encryption protocols, optimizing page loading speed, and improving your data structure require a dedicated SEO expert. The good news is that these are all one-time fixes, that will result in a huge boost for your organic ranking.

  •  Local SEO

Google’s algorithms are set to automatically prioritize local options. Meaning that users searching for “restaurant”, “dentistry” or “travel agency” will automatically see the results that are nearest to their location. This is a great opportunity for small businesses looking to increase their local exposure. Especially if your website is mobile-friendly, as a huge portion of mobile searches is aimed toward nearby venues. A dedicated SEO expert will set up your Google My Business Profile, as well as optimize your content and keyword strategy for nearby search queries. This brings us to our next point.

  • Keyword Strategy

You need an advanced keyword strategy even before you start producing content. Otherwise, how would you choose the topics that generate the most traffic for your website? Affordable SEO service providers will already know what your ideal client is searching for. They’ll help set up a solid keyword strategy and craft the content to match it. Once you have the right keywords and content that people find value in, Google will reward your business with higher SERP rankings. But keep in mind that keyword research can be a tricky task. It can have a huge positive impact on your traffic if it’s properly done by a professional.

  • On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is fundamentally the words displayed on your page. It has a lot to do with how your content is structured around your keywords and the relevance of your headings. An SEO expert will likely optimize your page titles and headlines to increase your ranking, improve your header tags and organize your meta tags. The good news is that this is also a one-time fix. Your SEO consultant will determine the pages that need optimization and make the necessary tweaks.

  • Link Building

Gaining legitimate backlinks is important to build up your website’s authority. This is because Google’s algorithms rank you both according to the quantity and quality of your backlinks. The more sites linking back to your page, the worthier your content. To generate those all-important links, you’ll need an outreach strategy. Your SEO expert will know all the best channels to use and websites to contact to gain authoritative backlinks that will boost your search engine rankings. Keep in mind that link-building takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention that your content needs to be solid, concise, and valuable.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Today

There you have it, 5 key SEO elements that SMBs should focus on to start growing their organic ranking. Remember that these are must-have SEO services that won’t break the bank, but are crucial for a successful business website. These affordable fixes should be enough to get you started, and you can always invest in further improving your SEO strategy further down the line. If you’re not sure which of these SEO fixes you need most then we got you covered. Simply use our Free Instant SEO Audit, to get an insightful report about your website.

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