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Why Does my Website Need SEO?

The first thing to understand is: What is SEO?  SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the visibility of a website to organic traffic on search engines.  This makes all the difference in the order websites pop up when someone types in an internet search. You know what I’m talking about, it’s Friday afternoon and you want to know who’s playing open mike tonight anywhere in town, or that thing your friend bought last week …. and who exactly is the closest late-night Sushi and Sorbet on your side of town??!   The rules are continually being adjusted to make searching more convenient for Internet users, so sticking to sound business principles in SEO is essential.  Search engines use algorithms and metrics to decide which websites are the best match for a search, and optimization truly becomes an art. The first few sites to pop up after a search are usually the only ones seen therefore a website needs SEO in order to be seen at all. As a society, we don’t seem to be very patient in most things. Searching the internet is no exception, this is why being on the first page of Google is highly competitive in all industries.

Keywords and Key Phrases

Keywords and keyphrases are essential to search engine optimization.  It is important to use the right keywords and key phrases so that when there is a search, the site will be a match.  Search engines are becoming smarter now, so keyword jamming is not going to get the results it once did ( Further, imagine the surprise of someone searching the web for local orchards when they click on a link to a site where the content states, “apples, local apples, red delicious apples, fresh apples” with no real message. This Internet traffic will do no good to the business even if the search engines are optimized for sending traffic through.

Page Content

Not only is good web design vital for dynamic SEO, but page content, pictures, titles, and textual content really matter ( A well-planned, strategically designed and written website is the secret to good SEO.  It’s not about fooling the search engine, but rather showing that search engine what you have and making it the best it can be.  Yes, there are things that are important to include, but the real winner is a good and relevant website. Every title and every sentence should be relevant to what the site is about. Consistent updates to the site to keep it fresh and relevant also make a difference. Did you recently redo your website? Great!, but many times web designers and SEO professionals in Tempe aren’t on the same page ( literally and figuratively), and having a site built with SEO practices in place from the beginning is rare. This is one of the reasons Salterra came into play. Our sites are a marriage of great aesthetics and solid SEO embedded.


Who you associate with is also very important, don’t you remember your mom telling you that?  In that respect, linking is a vital part of SEO.  Using links on a website can make all the difference, both Good AND Bad!  Links that are not valid or that go to non-credible pages could hurt the site in its optimization, so make sure to use appropriate links. This includes links to articles, social media, and blogs.  Quality is more important than quantity for linking choices ( and in life as well!!) ( Contact Salterra today to discuss how we can help you with your SEO for your business.

Why can’t I do SEO Myself?

These days, there are more businesses in the online space than there are in the age-old brick-and-mortar space. Why? Because of the low barriers to entry in building a website and promoting a virtual business. However, the window to doing this easily has been closed for quite some time now, as large corporations are funneling big marketing dollars into search engine optimization. On the lower-money front, it takes savvy tech types and people well-versed in the use of online promotion tools to conduct effective affordable SEO in Tempe – which is an all-day job. More than anything else, this very full-time work is probably the primary reason why you can’t just fire up your computer and promote your website competitively.

What Does SEO Entail

Affordable SEO in Tempe is about getting targeted traffic to your website, using a wide variety of methods. There are a couple of very important metrics for gauging the effectiveness of your SEO plan; Google Pagerank is arguably the most prominent. As your website gains authority through the building of quality backlinks, your Pagerank will rise and position your site as a thought leader in search engines.

Another metric is the Alexa value of your website, which is directly correlated with the amount of traffic it receives: the lower the number, the better; it can range from tens of millions to single digits – with the latter denoting some of the most visited sites in the world. Finally, there are social media; which has come on very strong in the last half-decade. Social signals feature prominently in searches, and signs point to their growth in importance even more.

The On-Page and Off-Page Processes

The first part of SEO is the on-page aspect. You’ve got to understand the dynamic world of metadata, where meta-descriptions, meta keywords, h2 tags, and style sheets reign supreme. These help the search engine spiders – which ‘crawl’ the web looking for websites to add to the search directories – find your website and rank it for certain keywords.

Next is the off-page SEO, which is the primary way to move up in the search results pages (SERPs). This entails building backlinks to authoritative websites, which can be quite difficult to do – you must give them a reason or incentive to link to you. Professional SEOs have figured out all kinds of ways to do this and attest to the all-day aspect of building these links.

Most important of all, SEO is very dynamic and changes with the whims of Google. The search algorithm is an evolving program, which tends to require a stronger grasp of digital marketing principles with each iteration. The experts tend to be tuned in to what will no longer work before the next update erases months of hard work – but it takes much of their time to remain so finely attuned. SEO, in sum, is a powerful tool that requires knowledgeable users to maximize its potential.

How Can I Monitor My SEO

A search engine optimization campaign can be a very successful way to increase a company’s visibility, but implementing one is hard work. It seems like the basics of SEO are constantly changing with each new Google algorithm update, and even the most proven SEO strategies may not work as well as a company would like.

One of the keys to good SEO is to monitor a campaign so that you can make adjustments accordingly. Here are some tips that will help you keep track of your SEO to make sure it’s working.

Use Google Analytics

Google offers several free tools that allow websites to monitor the traffic they receive, the most useful being Google Analytics. Google Analytics not only allows users to see how much traffic is going into a site, but how other users came across the site and where they go once they leave. It can also let users set goals for their sites, view the monetary value of a site’s traffic, and view the keywords that are used to locate a site on a search engine. Overall, it’s an incredibly useful tool for anybody who wants to study demographic data and tweak their SEO strategy.

Perform a Keyword Search on Google

Since the biggest point of SEO is to generate search engine hits, you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaign by seeing where your site shows up in a Google search. Just enter an optimized keyword into Google, Bing, or any search engine of your choice, and your website should show up near the top of the list. If you don’t see your site right away, you may need to rethink your SEO strategy.

Look at Your Social Media Benchmarks

Social media is incredibly important for modern marketing campaigns, and that includes SEO. Fortunately, social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus make it really easy to gauge how much success you’ve had. All you need to do is take a look at how many followers you have on Twitter, how many Facebook friends you have, or how many +1’s your posts have had on Google Plus. All of this plus the number of Circles you are part of on Google Plus all add up to users seeing your content. Social media is far from the only way that people should be seeing your content, but it does provide the most reliable way to see how successful your SEO campaigns are.

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Learn Some Tips for Local Small Business SEO in Tempe

Local SEO has become an important component of every business and brand looking to have long-term success across search engines. Many people know about search engine optimization, but don’t know the variation that is local SEO. Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing a site or page on the site to show up when a searcher is interested in finding local information. Searchers with geo qualifiers such as city or town name and zip code are some good examples. Local, Affordable, Tempe SEO is focused on providing the most relevant results to the searcher based on their current location.

Local SEO has continued to be important because the number of people accessing the internet using their smartphones has increased, making it easier for them to search when they need the product or service. Search engines have shown their desire to provide their users with the most relevant information, and this has made Local SEO a must for every business. How can you make your website more local-friendly?

If you have a local business then you should not waste your time and money trying to obtain a global reach. You need to focus more on the people you are targeting, be it within your neighborhood or city. This is what local SEO helps you to achieve. It is never easy getting local with SEO since the web is practically global. Below are some tips to help you focus on maximizing your business presence in your local community.

For a start, make sure all the keywords you use have your location. For instance, if you have an auto shop in California, you can use keywords like ‘auto repair California’ or ‘California auto repair’. Including the location in most of your key phrases will help you to target the right audience. That is people who are looking for services, particularly within your location.

You will succeed in business SEO by adding your location in some of the Meta tags and body text of the pages of your website. The keywords you use on the tags should also be included in the body text. You also need to make sure that your website is listed in popular listings like Google Places.  This can give your site relevant links.

Local business Search Engine Optimization can also succeed by making use of local search engines. There are countries like China that have their own search engines. Try to enhance your presence on some of these local search engines instead of only focusing on the global ones like Google and Bing. You also need to invest in local SEO campaigns in Tempe. Activities like pay-per-click advertising can be great ideas to boost your local visibility.

Perform frequent keyword checks so that you can replace the non-performing keywords with better ones. There are certain times when most people stop using specific search phrases. You also need to make the necessary changes if you want the local SEO campaign to work. Get to know the kind of keywords being used by your competitors and how well they work.

You also need to make use of social media in local business SEO. Social networking sites like Facebook can really help you to promote your local business. You will be able to reach your target customers by making good use of these sites. This is because most of your friends or followers are likely to be people from the region where most of your customers are.

Google Places for Business

Start by claiming your Google Places for Business page and ensure you have entered your contact information, opening hours, contact details, address, and other relevant information. Your profile should be fully complete. Providing category information about your site will give Google a better understanding of your business which will come in handy. This is an easy way to have your business show up in searches and maps.

Encourage customers to leave a review

Reviews are one of the biggest local SEO ranking factors and it is the equivalent of links in organic SEO. Listings with reviews tend to stand out, making it a good idea to encourage your customers to leave a review. Doing this will increase your chances of succeeding if the reviews are positive. SEO can’t help if you provide poor-quality products or services.

On-Page Local SEO

During the optimization of your local pages, it is important to add the address in a consistent manner on the page and location on the page title tag and content. The page title should have the name of your business or brand.

Ensure you have an appropriate link strategy

Linking your website to other related sites and vice versa will help in SEO visibility. This is because it helps in establishing the authenticity and credibility of your business. It is important to use quality links, or you might end up achieving the complete opposite.

Many people use local search to find a specific business and also a specific product or service. Many people don’t have a specific business in mind when searching. By working on your Local SEO strategy, you can easily position your business and promote the products you offer when a person searches for your type of business. Connecting with your customer when they need you is the best thing for any business.

As the number of smartphone users continues to increase, Local SEO will continue to be an important part of any marketing plan.


Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive look at what is Search Engine Optimization in Tempe and how it works, but it covers some of the important aspects of the practice and its importance.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO


What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and focuses on growing visibility from the free, organic (non-paid) search results on search engines such as Google or Bing. SEO uses technical and creative elements that will increase awareness, improve rankings, and drive traffic from search engines. There are so many facets of SEO to learn about, from the keywords on your page to the way other sites link to you. SEO is a sustainable, long-term strategy that will make your site search engine friendly and better for visitors too.

Here at Salterra SEO, we want to make SEO understandable for everyone! If you are committed to improving your rankings and are new to SEO, we recommend reading this guide front-to-back, but feel free to read ahead if you’re an SEO guru.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it can be found in an organic search query, as long as the intent of the user is to find local information that matches the content on your website.
These searches will typically include a geographical indicator such as a city or zip code along with the business or product they’re looking for. An example of this search query is “hotels near Saratoga Springs Race Track”, the search engine would then display websites with content that matches this query.
A consumer can do a search query without a geo-qualifier if they have the location function enabled on their device. This search query would look similar to “car repair shop near me”. Including “near me” helps the search engine determine that you are looking for something that is local to you, as opposed to something irrelevant.

Why is SEO beneficial to my site?

SEO is the gift that keeps on giving. Organic listings are basically free. The majority of traffic comes from major search engines like Google and Bing. With just a bit of effort on your end, you will see an increase in awareness and a definite increase in traffic. It’s time to take your site to the next level and get the thousands of visitors you deserve.

Higher visibility means credibility. Plain and simple, Google is the most authoritative search engine and ranking in the top search results will create brand credibility. Search engines are unique from social media-driven traffic because they provide targeted traffic, meaning people are seeking what you offer. If search engines don’t “see” your site that means you are missing out on potential viewers/customers.

SEO is gaining ground. Your competitors are realizing the benefits of SEO and are already taking advantage of them. Even though you might be offering better content or services, your competitors that use SEO are higher up in the ranks. Let us help you get noticed!

Access to data. Access to that keyword data and seeing what your visitors are searching for means you can discover new ways to expand. Use this to your advantage because this data has the potential to bring you thousands of visitors or sales.

Permanent Results. Remember, SEO is sustainable and its effects are permanent. With regular site maintenance and keeping your visitors engaged with great content and strong site structure, you should be well on your way to that top spot!

Why do search engines not understand my site without SEO?

Simply put, if the major search engines can’t easily crawl your website then you are unlikely to rank. Your site needs to be easy for search engine bots to understand and the key ingredient to search engines efficiently crawling your site is good site architecture. For a more in-depth explanation of this, read our article about On-Page SEO. Good website structure means that all of your most important pages are viewable within a couple of clicks from the homepage. This makes your content easily accessible to not only search engines but visitors too.

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  • Web Design: Your website is the face of your business on the internet. With our affordable web design, we can create a bold and dynamic internet presence for your company.
  • Internet Marketing: We’ll promote your business to be sure you’re targeting your perfect client
  • SEO: Let us help you optimize your website to attract more customers and convert more clients

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Direction from Tempe AZ to Salterra Offices

Our office is conveniently located at 2465 West 12th Street. To drive from the city center, head west on 5th Street toward South Mill Avenue, turn left onto South Farmer Avenue, turn right after you pass the Chili’s, turn left onto South 48th Street, then turn left onto West 12th Street. Our office is on the right. It’s just a quick 7-minute drive.

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The city of Tempe is located in the East Valley section of metropolitan Phoenix. An inner suburb of Phoenix, Tempe is located about 10 miles east of Phoenix’s city center. During the territorial times of Arizona, Tempe was known as Hayden’s Ferry. The city now offers a fairly dense, urbanized community consisting of skylines, strip malls, parks, and more.

General Information

  • Population: approximately 185,000
  • Longitude/latitude: 33°24’46”N 111°56’35”W
  • ZIP codes: 85281, 85282, 85283, 85284, 85285, 85287
  • Route 60 runs east-west through the town, while Route 101 runs north-south along with the eastern city limit. Route 143 and Interstate 10 run north-south along with the western city limit.
  • The best place to stay while in Tempe is the AC Hotel by Marriott Phoenix Tempe/Downtown, a modern 5-star hotel with a rooftop pool located on East Rio Salado Parkway.
  • The nearest airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor International, located about 4 miles away via West Rio Salado Parkways and East Sky Harbor Boulevard.

Home to numerous concerts, art festivals, and other popular attractions, Tempe is one of Arizona’s most contemporary and artistic cities. With this in mind, there is never a lack of things to do in the bustling desert city.

Things To Do in Tempe AZ

Tempe is a city just east of Phoenix, in Arizona. Its striking Tempe Center for the Arts hosts concerts, dance, and comedy shows. Nearby, Tempe Town Lake is dotted with kayaks, pedal boats, and paddleboards. Tempe Beach Park hosts outdoor festivals. Rising above the city, Hayden Butte is a mountain dotted with centuries-old rock art. Sporting events and concerts are held at Wells Fargo Arena at Arizona State University.

  • Tempe Center for the Arts is a performing and visual arts center located on West Rio Salado. The striking venue hosts concerts, dance shows, comedy shows, and more year-round.
  • Hall of Flame Fire Museum, located on East Van Buren Street, is a multi gallery museum dedicated to the history of firefighting.
  • Tempe Beach Park is one of Tempe’s most popular outdoor attractions. Located on West Rio Salado Parkway, the park hosts numerous sporting and water play events.
  • Big Surf is a popular waterpark located on North McClintock Drive.
  • Arizona Mills is one of Arizona’s largest shopping malls. The expansive indoor mall is located on South Arizona Mills Circle.

Notable Residents

  • Jules Asner, who is an American television personality and model
  • Gabe Freeman, who is an American professional basketball player for the Halifax Hurricanes of the Canadian National Basketball League
  • Norman Dubie, a renowned American poet

Nearby Suburbs

This Arizona city is bounded by South 48th Street to the west, Route 101 to the east, and West Ray Road to the south. Route 60 is the quickest way to travel to surrounding cities and towns.

  • Phoenix and Guadalupe are located to the west
  • Scottsdale is to the north
  • Chandler is located to the south
  • Mesa is to the east

Other Interesting Facts

  • Tempe is home to the main campus of Arizona State University, which is located off of East 6th
  • Cold Stone Creamery was originally headquartered in Tempe. The popular ice cream shop’s very first storefront is still in operation today at 3330 South McClintock Drive in Tempe.
  • Tempe has 10 sister cities, designated by Sister Cities International. These include Trollhättan, Sweden; Cuzco, Peru; Cuenca, Ecuador; Timbuktu, Mali; Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China; Skopje, Macedonia; Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany; Lower Hutt, New Zealand; Carlow, Ireland; and Beaulieu-su-Mer, France.

Public Transport

The quickest way to travel to surrounding Arizona cities is via State Route 60. Freeways are the main transportation system for Tempe, but public transportation services are also offered.

  • Interstate 10
  • S. Highway 60
  • S. Highway 101
  • S. Highway 143
  • Valley Metro bus service
  • Valley Metro Rail system

City Facts:

  • Tempe is located in the country of the United States of America.
  • Tempe is in the state of Arizona, which is normally shortened to AZ.
  • Tempe is located in the county of Maricopa. Incorporated in 1892, Tempe is a Council-Manager type of government.
  • The current mayor of Tempe is Mark Mitchell.