Hiring an Affordable SEO Company in Flagstaff.

SEO is not all about getting traffic to certain web pages. If a high level of traffic is all that’s required to enhance revenue for an online business then, SEO would have been so easy. However, the goal of SEO is to ensure that the right kind of visitors gets to your web pages. You can have very high rankings on search engines but you do not make any sales. Getting traffic from all the right places is no easy thing but a Flagstaff SEO company like Salterra can be of great help.

For a start, it is not easy to keep track of the changes in algorithms used by search engines to rank websites. This is particularly why you cannot handle SEO on your own. An SEO expert uses skill and experience to employ techniques that will boost your online ranking. The fact that some of these techniques and activities may take a while to show results does not mean that they are not effective. An SEO company in Scottsdale does not perform these activities just once. It is an ongoing process that may take months and even years if a company is to remain on top of search engine’s result pages.

There are numerous services that a Flagstaff SEO company can offer. This includes activities like content development, link building, and keyword research. The first thing that the company does when launching an SEO campaign for a client is to identify the goals of that campaign. By identifying the goals and objectives of an SEO campaign, the company can come up with a list of activities that will help in achieving those set goals.

Additionally, the affordable SEO company has to do keyword research. Your site needs to rank high on certain keywords and it is up to the company to identify them. There are highly competitive as well as low competitive keywords for every website found online. Ranking high on these competitive keywords is never easy and requires some strategizing.

When looking for a suitable Flagstaff Search Engine Optimization company, make sure you are familiar with the services it can offer. There are those companies that employ black hat techniques to make websites rank high. The bad thing about these activities is that they can cause a website to be blacklisted by Google. This can do more harm than good to your site. Hire a Flagstaff SEO company like Salterra Web & SEO with a good reputation if you want to be on the safe side.

SEO Company in Flagstaff Arizona

SEO is an ever-changing fluid business, and in order to stay within the ranks of your competition, you must grow, adapt and compete in a way that businesses have not had to do before.  Finding a good SEO Company in Arizona, or any other state can be relatively simple but knowing what to look for is the key. Many older businesses are hesitant to take their marketing and focus it more on the internet. Many lack the confidence to do what they have not done before.  We like to make things simple for our clients, so here are a few key points to consider when choosing a company to handle your SEO.

First, find a company that practices what they preach. Is their website utilizing the tools that they recommend to you? It’s starting to become more common knowledge that blogging is a great way to increase your visibility and searchability. Does your SEO Company in Flagstaff take advantage of that outlet? There are many options for blogging that won’t cut into your already crammed schedule. Many of us small business owners can barely complete the tasks required of us, and to add writing on top of all that can seem like trying to climb Mt. Everest in a pair of flip-flops! Equip yourself with the resources you need to manage all your tasks. Find a content writer that will write your blogs for you, then you can edit and personalize it to your taste at a fraction of the time it would take to write it all yourself.

Second, Is your affordable SEO Company in Flagstaff working with all your marketing to best utilize your message? What I mean is that SEO is a marketing campaign along with your print marketing, social media, flyers, etc. In maintaining a clear and consistent message, customers will recognize your brand and generate a sense of trust in what you are presenting. Talk with your best SEO company in Flagstaff and provide them with your other media campaigns so that the same message is being presented through all of your mediums. Focus and consistency is proven method of advertising.

Third, Are you taking the advice of your SEO Company? Many times we ask for help and advice and then keep doing what we have always done before. I know the comfortable feeling we all get with ideas that have proven themselves, but you also know the saying:  “If you do what youve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins.  Many times our comfort is holding us back from the dream of the business we used to have. Think back to when you started your business and the dreams you had. I know that you have taken great strides, made enormous sacrifices, and persevered through the trenches, but don’t give up now!! Take your business farther with the resources and tools we have to offer. Plan and prepare for your climb to the top, and save the flip-flops for the beach.  Call Salterra – the best SEO company today!

Importance of Search Engine Optimization.

In a nutshell, search engines are a significant source of traffic. Statistics indicate that nearly 60% of all the traffic on the internet begins with a Google search.  While you can get web visibility through other sources search as paid advertisements, it could require you to invest a lot of money before you can garner a significant number of visitors. Furthermore, some of the bigger companies with a lot of resources will spend more than you, and their campaigns will overshadow yours. This way, SEO is a fair and natural way of appearing to your visitors by optimizing your site to fit some of the specifications listed. These results are entirely based on merit and the moment you start appearing on the top pages, your business will reap huge rewards.

How do Search Engines Work?

It has been mentioned that when you search for anything in search engines, Google tries to match your query with the best answer. It does this by scanning billions of pages to find a result with the best answer. But how does it determine this ‘best’ result? Google does not make the exact specifications of its ranking algorithm public, but based on the statements and updates released, it is easy to know the factors used to determine the rankings.

In recent years, ‘relevance’ has emerged as the top keyword, and Google tries to match the keywords on your query with those on a particular web page. However, keyword matching is not the only thing that determines the rank as you can find thousands of pages with a specific keyword. Another factor that comes into play is the authority of the pages. This is important since Google wants to give you results from trustworthy and accurate sources. It determines this by looking at the pages linked to your page. Lastly, it looks at the usefulness of the content on your page. Google strives to give you results that are easy to comprehend and will help you answer your questions. These are the main factors but others still play a role in the rankings.

Search Engine Ranking Factors.

Ranking factors are always changing, but some of them have been prevalent for a long time. Here are some of them;

  • Content quality.
  • Content uniqueness.
  • Fully crawlable pages.
  • Mobile optimized web pages.
  • Number and quality of backlinks.
  • Domain authority.
  • Anchor text.
  • Site speed.
  • Keyword usage.
  • Google RankBrain.

Rankings by Salterra SEO in Flagstaff is one of the internet marketing techniques that allow small businesses in Flagstaff to get a fair share of the customers looking for goods and services on the internet. There is no surefire way to rank highly on Google as the exact algorithm specifications are not public. However, the guidelines available all tell you how to improve your site to the users and offer the most relevant information and answers to the people looking for what you have to offer.

Why Use A Search Engine Optimization in Flagstaff?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing practice that aims to increase the number of visitors to a site by boosting rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing! According to research, sites that appear on the first Google results page get about 95% of clicks, meaning more click-through rate and traffic.

Popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! display their search results mostly based on the authority and relevancy of pages they’ve crawled and included in their web index, to users’ queries to provide the best results.

Google utilizes more than 200 signals in scoring the search results and search engine optimization encompasses creative and technical strategies to influence or improve some of these signals. However, it’s usually advisable to focus more on the primary goal of Google, which is to provide the best answers to the users.

As such, SEO primarily involves ensuring a site is technically sound, and accessible, utilizes terms that users type into the search engine, and provides relevant, high-quality content and a great user experience.

Google utilizes PageRank, an algorithm used to determine the authority as well as the popularity of a webpage, and while Google may be way more complex nowadays, this is still a fundamental signal in website and page ranking. As such, search engine optimization can ideally include tactics that help improve the number/quality of inbound links to a site from other sites. This is best referred to as link building.

Tips To To Find Search Engine Optimization in Flagstaff

As mentioned earlier, search engine optimization involves creative and technical activities that are usually grouped into Onsite and Offsite SEO.  These practices call for expertise, usually from several individuals as the skills needed to do them at a high level tend to be different. Another option is to hire a professional SEO consultant or SEO company to help in the areas needed.

Onsite Search Engine Optimization

This refers to activities done on a site to enhance organic visibility on the search engine results pages. This primarily means optimizing a site and its content to improve experience, accessibility, and relevancy to the users. Some common onsite SEO activities are:

Keyword Research- This involves assessing the types of terms and frequency utilized by potential customers to find companies, products, and services. This helps in understanding the users’ intent and expectations from their searches.

User Experience- This ensures that content shows authority, expertise, and trust. The website should be easy to navigate, fast, and give the best experience compared to the competition.

Onsite Optimization- This involves improving the structure of a website, on-page alignment, internal navigation, and content relevancy. All of this is with the aim of targeting relevant keywords and prioritizing key areas.

Offsite Search Engine Optimization

This refers to the tasks done outside a site with the aim of boosting organic visibility. This is usually known as link building, simply aiming to increase the number of quality links from other sites. This is a thing as search engines utilize them to determine the trustworthiness and authority of the site.

Some of the common offsite SEO activities are:

Content Marketing- Reputable, affordable websites link to high-quality content. As such, publishing great content helps attract quality links. This might include a story, news, a visualization, or a how-to guide.

Outreach and Promotion- This basically involves communicating with key influencers, webmasters, bloggers, and journalists regarding a product, content, resource, PR, or brand in order to get coverage and ultimately get links to a site.

Digital PR- This provides reasons for other sites to talk and also links to a site. This can be writing for external publications, quotes, expert interviews, original studies or research, and much more.


Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive look at what is Search Engine Optimization in Flagstaff and how it works, but it covers some of the important aspects of the practice and its importance.

Things to Do in Flagstaff AZ

Want to spend your time exploring the area in Flagstaff?? We’ve compiled a list of our top things to see in and around Flagstaff, whether you’re hiring a tour company or going on your own. Flagstaff will certainly delight the adventurer in you! Going on a tour is a great idea for people interested in learning more about the particular point of interest that is being visited.

The greatest of them being one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, many people visit the Grand Canyon, look over the rim, snap a few pictures and go home. But going on a tour of the Grand Canyon will help visitors understand how wonderful it really is. Flagstaff, the first International Dark Sky City, is home to the Lowell Observatory, known for the discovery Pluto.

Just outside of Flagstaff are the Lava Tube CavesMeteor Crater and Walnut Canyon. Other city attractions include the Museum of Arizona, the Pioneer Museum, Riordan Mansion and as well as cultural events, festivals and art exhibitions. Check out our nearby attractions and explore beautiful Northern Arizona.

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