Local SEO Audit

Search engine optimization is the concept of building your site and its content to help rank on Google or other related search engines. While, local SEO takes it a step further and hopes to aim towards local search keywords.

This read will gauge the intricacies of local SEO and the role it can play for a business that is hoping to gain additional traffic and see financial results through such boosts.

What Is Local SEO?

Before anything, it is important to dissect the concept itself. As mentioned, it revolves around ranking on Google and other related search engines. Instead of going after broad keywords (i.e. best acne treatment), a business will go after a particular local keyword (i.e. best acne treatment in Boston).

The goal is to go after local traffic for a local business.

This is important for those who don’t care for global traffic and will only be making their money from local leads. Zoning in on these leads can have a plethora of benefits, which will be listed below for those who want to see results. Learn to Optimize your Google My Business Account.


Let’s move onto the advantages of this form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why it has a lot of value to offer.

  • Targeted Traffic – You will be receiving targeted traffic that is local to your city. It provides real value as each lead coming in will be perfectly targeted. It removes all of the clutter and brings in those who are going to buy from the business. It is essential to look into this as a business owner.
  • Promoted By Google – Local keywords are put to the top of search queries by Google. It is a new addition to their algorithm as it helps the user experience. You always want to be on the right side of Google, and this is the best way to do so. Businesses have reported significant results by doing this.
  • Simpler – It makes things simpler when it comes to ranking a site. An easier option is essential because most people are not willing to deal with such concerns all the time. You don’t want to go after keywords everyone intends to rank for. Why not target specific keywords instead?