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2018 Web Design Trends Your Business Needs to Know About

The world of websites is in a constant flux of change. Keeping pace with the latest and greatest in web design can help your business keep up with, and ultimately beat out other competitors asleep at the wheel.

These days, effective web design is driven by engagement focused features. Continue on to learn more about trends in 2018 that will have the biggest impact on how customers engage with your business online.

Why are these Web Site Trends Important?

  • Your site is the crown jewel of your company’s brand. It’s the sales and service rep that never calls in sick, is available 24/7 and closes new deals like clockword.
  • Your site is where your brand’s story is told. It sets the tone for your messaging and informs prospective customers about the products and services you offer.

But like many business owners, you might have been too busy to give your site the attention it so deeply deserves. If that’s the case, check out these top trends for 2018 to get caught up on what you can do to spruce up that dusty old site.

2018 Design and Development Trends

1. Video and Animation

Animation and video are “in”. A video or animation can quickly and effectively communicate a brand’s story in a fun and engaging way. Videos or animations can also be used to convey complex messages or processes in a more digestible format than plain text.

2. Typography

Typography…that’s an old word isn’t it. While some businesses might choose to flash up their site with videos and multi-media, others might opt to bring out their creative side with unique and eye-catching typography.

Sure, regular fonts are good for big blocks of text, but there are plenty of fonts out there that have a little more pizazz and personality that you can use to achieve a clean yet welcoming layout.

3. Bold and Bright is Beautiful

Much like fashion trends, web design goes through waves of change. Right now, big, bold and bright is what’s hot. Contrasting colors can be used to strengthen your messaging and captivate a visitor’s attention to key aspects of your site.

4. Images are on their way Out

In case you haven’t noticed, those boring and bland stock images are now being rapidly replaced with bold, niche-relevant graphics and icons. Not only will your site end up with a more personalized feel, use of graphics in lieu of photos can boost conversions and also improve load times.

5. Micro-Interactions

Social media has already capitalized on the craze of “likes”, follows, shares and commenting. In 2018 and beyond we expect to see the same with websites. Find fun ways to engage your visitors can get them to interact with your content.

A few fun ideas include:

  • Social sharing widgets
  • Gamification to unlock content or special features
  • Allow them to vote on content pieces they found useful
  • Commenting widgets

What’s Ahead in Web Design

Unless you’ve got a crystal ball, neither of us knows what truly lies ahead of us in the world of design. But by taking a look at industry trends, best practices and user feedback we can adapt our strategies to incorporate what visitors want and expect from your site. Creating a website for your company sounds pretty straightforward. You put together some pictures, write up some text, and have the professionals go for it! In many ways, you are right, it can be fairly simple but what do you do when you are in the middle of running your business and all the day-to-day tasks still need to get done? As designers, we love the thrill of putting together something that will impact your business and help you to grow as a company. Many times the things we ask for from our clients feels a bit overwhelming, but in the long run will benefit you and your company tremendously. Taking the time to think about and identify who your ideal client base is, who you want to reach and how you want to position yourself in the market is typically what we ask of our clients. Often this type of reflection is beneficial to you to strengthen your business and develop a plan for expanding your reach, but it can feel overwhelming when you are already putting your all into your company. It’s like goal setting for your company, and a plan is a great way to point you towards your goals and take measurable action to achieve those desired results.

Give us a call today to learn more about how to incorporate these elements and more into your site.

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